Worldcoin Price Prediction as WLD Wilts And Evil Pepe Makes $1 Million in Presale

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Investor sentiment towards Worldcoin wilted along with its 5% fall in 24 hours. A steep decline in trading volume confirmed the downbeat mood. 

The bearish momentum has left investors wondering whether to consider alternatives with more upside potential. 

Worldcoin Price Nosedives Following Bearish Investor Sentiment

A controversy around the coin’s circulating supply triggered the bearish momentum. Investors raised concerns about the meager supply of 1% with some raising questions about its legitimacy and even the possibility of a rug pull.

Technical Indicators Suggest WLD is Likely to Remain in the Bearish Trend

The technical chart above shows that the actions of the bears still control the asset’s price. WLD is trading below the 50-Day Simple Moving Average (SMA). This indicates a short-term bearish trend for the asset. 

The token’s Moving Average Convergence/Divergence indicator is below the signal line, indicating a bearish trend. 

Also, WLD’s Relative Strength Index (RSI) is below 50, approaching the oversold region, suggesting increasing selling pressure on the token. WLD will remain in the current downtrend until investor sentiment improves.

Some Factors That Could Influence Worldcoin Market Value

Worldcoin said on Twitter that it had created a protocol-compatible wallet dubbed World App. The app’s essence is to enable the network to verify its users to ensure they have only real humans in its ecosystem. 

The app allows users to easily located a biometric device, Orb, and book a verification appointment. Increased adoption of this app could expand Worldcoin’s user base and boost WLD. 

Given the downbeat sentiment surrounding Worldcoin, it may be time to consider an alternative that’s doing well in presale.

Evil Pepe Token Makes Waves as It Reached $1 Million Milestone in the Presale Stage

Evil Pepe ($EVILPEPE) has recorded incredible success since its presale started. Evil Pepe creators were inspired by Pepe Coin’s massive success leveraging Pepe the Frog Meme’s virality.

It aims to replicate PEPE’s price moves, allowing investors who missed Pepe’s six-figure price increase to benefit. The presale has raised over $1 million of its $1.9 million hard cap, reflecting massive investor interest in the token.

Investors looking to diversify their portfolio with low-cap coins with massive upside potential should consider joining the EVILPEPE presale.

Some Features of $EVILPEPE

Evil Pepe stands out from the crowd with the following features: 

One-month Locked Liquidity

Founders made the project to have locked liquidity for one month after listing on crypto exchanges. 

The approach may help boost investors’ confidence and ensure the token is not dumped. 

Reward Scheme for Token Holders

This project is designed to reward investors that hold its token in their wallets with $EVILPEPE as an encouragement to boost the adoption and value of the asset.

$EVILPEPE Presale 

The presale is live and is expected to be in a 5-day timeframe. The presale has raised over $1 million today with a value of $0.000333 for 1 unit of $EVILPEPE.

How to Purchase Evil Pepe

Prospective investors should do these:

  • Visit Evil Pepe’s project website and navigate through to locate the presale section
  • It would be best if you had cryptocurrencies like ETH or USDT to carry out the transaction
  • Choose the corresponding button for the currency you have
  • Put the amount you will spend to swap $EVILPEPE. Note, you need an extra 0.008 ETH for Ethereum gas few for any crypto you selected
  • Click on the buy button to connect your wallet
  • Confirm the transaction to finalize the buying process
  • On the day of the token claim, visit the website and reconnect your wallet and click on the claim token to get your units of $EVILPEPE


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