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Will Haberman and Swan’s 2025 Trump book be a comedy or a tragedy?

November 27, 2023, 8:59am

Photo by Rachel Cobb

Maggie Haberman and Jonathan Swan have signed a lucrative deal with Simon & Schuster to write a book about whatever the hell happens to Donald Trump in 2024. Oh, sorry: THIS IS AN AXIOS SCOOP! 



Yes, that’s right, this book will be either a gritty jailhouse biography or a “But is it really fascism?” account of these American End Times™. According to the bold and breathless bullet points over at Axios:

The duo’s untitled Trump project aims to be more enduring than a campaign book — with plenty of juicy inside-the-room detail, but also the larger story of this singular figure in global affairs and public life for the past decade.

Singular figure indeed.

Furthermore, this Sorkin-adaptation-in-the-making will weave in “a host of other cinematic figures” like Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Rupert Murdoch. By “cinematic” we mean “villains” right? Like, the obvious mustache-twirling bad guys from silent serials who are so cartoonishly black-souled you can tell immediately from the cheap seats?

The forests may burn, the coasts may flood, the grid may fail, the militias may rise… And still we will have Beltway journalists trading integrity for access so they can write their cinematic horserace narratives.

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