Walmart Is Remodeling 1400 Stores At Cost Of $9 Billion

Walmart has just finished the remodeling of 117 stores in 30 states. It is part of a 2-year remodeling program when 1400 sores will be remodeled. The cost for the program is $9 Billion.

The upgraded locations feature more space for on-line pickup and for delivery of orders. There will also be more shopping carts and check-out lanes and expanded pharmacies. In addition, there will be a Mother’s Room for nursing according to a Reuter’s report.

There will be a Dollar Shop section showcasing seasonal products. The stores will have a wider grab-and-go-assortment and interactive displays.

“These construction investments allow us to create more local jobs and make it easier for our associates to get what they want when they want it,” says John Furner, CEO of U.S. Walmart Stores. Traditionally, stores are updated every seven years, with new lighting, new floors, new departments to reflect customer’s needs.

During this inflationary period, Walmart’s low cost-groceries have been a big attraction for customers. It was evident when Walmart’s 2022 sales passed $600 Billion – which was an all-time record.

POSTSCRIPT: I am an admirer of John Fulner, the CEO of domestic Walmart stores. His drive to keep his stores neat, attractive and full of value merchandise is paying off in customer trust and frequency of shopping in the store. The first 117 stores will prove how right he is in updating his company. He should be congratulated for his innovative steps. It will pay off in the coming years.

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