Tom Schwartz from 'Vanderpump Rules' Bleached His Hair and I Don’t Know if We Should Worry

Why yes, the face smiling beneath that shock of bleach blonde hair does belong to Tom Schwartz, Vanderpump Rules star and a witting or unwitting accomplice (litigation in the court of public opinion is ongoing) in the Scandoval drama that gripped the nation. Now, we know that Schwartz has been on the struggle bus for a while now, what with the restaurant and the scandal and the friend breakup with Tom Sandoval, which brings me to my question: What’s up with the bleach blonde hair, buddy? Should somebody come check on him?

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A fan picture taken at the Mondrian in Los Angeles and posted to Instagram on August 12 revealed that the former SUR-ver had bleached his floppy brown hair a blinding shade of blonde. “Blondes have more fun,” the poster captioned the pic. While clips from filming the upcoming Vanderpump Rules season have been leaking on the internet left and right, this is the first we’ve seen of Schwartz’s new hair. 

It’s not like we haven’t seen Tom Schwartz make sudden, slightly bizarre changes to his appearance before. Never forget the time he got the word “bubba,” which was his and his ex-wife Katie Maloney’s pet name for each other, tattooed on his butt. At least a dye job is less permanent than a tattoo.

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