Today’s Wordle #810 Hints, Clues And Answer For Thursday, September 7th

Yesterday was Wordle Wednesday, which meant I dished out yet another riddle for readers to solve. It was actually my first real soft ball, and tons of you messaged me with the correct answer. Rest assured, next week’s will be challenging. You’ve been warned.

The riddle was:

A plane crashes directly on the border of the United States and Canada. Taking international law into consideration, where do they bury the survivors?

This one, I’m afraid, works better when you say it out loud and people don’t have the written riddle to look over. You can sneak it past people. The answer, of course, is that you don’t bury survivors. I have other riddles like this that work okay when you rattle it off to people but not so well once it’s pen to paper. Good job, of course, you guys solved it with flying colors!

Okay, let’s do this Wordle!

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