This Rare Faherty Sale Is Too Good to Pass Up

On our first date, 17 years ago, my husband showed up in an oversized neon green polo borrowed from his father. He was wearing high-waist pleated pants—also acquired from his dad’s closet—and a leather golf jacket that (surprise) didn’t fit either. I had my work cut out for me. 

At the time, in his early 20s, he asserted he wasn’t a “clothes” guy, but since then he’s been introduced to brands that make him feel way cooler than his pop’s hand-me-downs ever did, and his latest fashion crush is Faherty. 

While his sartorial vibe isn’t exactly coastal California, what draws him to the brand is how impossibly soft every item is. Seriously, its oxfords are like a cuddle and its cotton henleys are better than well-loved pj’s, and the women’s apparel is just as great. 

However, all those sustainable threads (the brand makes it clothes from recycled and renewable fabrics) do add up, so when a rare sale rolls around, I jump on it. From a few marked-down breezy summer tops to dreamy dresses, the perfect beach coverups, and yes, some gifts for the husband, here’s what I’m stocking up from Faherty’s semi-annual sale.

Cozy T-shirts and tops

It can’t be overstated just how luxuriously soft Faherty’s cotton tops are. I’ve gotten a ton of lazy-Saturday use out of this Barbie-approved varsity tee which feels so good on. Meanwhile, eyelet can often be super scratchy, but not this coquettish little number. 

Easy-going jumpsuits and dresses

If you’re a fellow member of the chub rub club, a lightweight linen jumpsuit is a godsend during sweaty weather, and this smocked version will take you into fall (just add a sweater). Faherty’s dresses also respect the cardinal rule: Always have pockets. 

Sunday-ready hoodies and sweaters

Perfect toppers for chilly nights on the beach (or in movie theaters; there’s a lot to see this summer), these pieces look laid-back but are positively luxe to the touch.

Dress shirts he’ll actually wear

A comfy long-sleeve disguised as a work shirt, these button-up shirts are so comfy he won’t mind dressing up even if he’s WFH. My husband used to peel his starchy button-downs off the second he returned from the office, but now he lives in these, even though he doesn’t leave our living room. 

Men’s tees he’ll live in 

You think you know a good-quality T-shirt until you meet this buttery one, which comes in a slew of cheery colors (plus white, if that’s more his speed). Don’t sleep on the array of polo prints or shades either. Plus, these baseball sweaters will give him major “hot coach” status. 

Faherty Movement Short-Sleeve Polo

Put-together pants that feel like leggings

Remember jeggings? These stretch-terry chinos do something similar: They combine the look of structured trousers with the feel of sweatpants. The dream. (And FTR, my husband can’t stop wearing these two.)

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