The Plush Bob Is the Cool-Girl Cut That's Giving Volume

Is it just us or are things getting a lot more opulent when it comes to hair trends? The “plush bob” that we’ve been spotting everywhere is just another example of supremely swishy, healthy, expensive-looking hair.

It’s the antithesis of the grungier movement that’s been growing a separate following—making mussy Indie Sleaze strands and shaggier, distressed textures its signature. And, with much of the 2010s dedicated to an “undone” beachy texture, the return of glam, bombshell hair is a change that we’re very much ready for. 

“Plush hair” leans into the wider trends of “quiet luxury” and the “rich girl” aesthetic that have been infiltrating fashion. And, despite looking polished, it offers its own act of rebellion against austerity by offering a style that isn’t severe but still feels sleek, sophisticated, and pulled together (even when we always don’t feel it).

What is the plush bob?

So, what exactly is the plush bob? Essentially, it’s a mega voluminous bob haircut that looks swooshy, luxurious and, well, plush. Hence the name. The cut suggests excess in that it makes hair look heavy and expensive, which is why it’s a great option for finer textures. And it’s main ingredient is oomph.

How to get the plush bob?

While most bob haircuts rely heavily on the cut, in the case of the plush bob equal emphasis is placed on styling. The key is in creating gravity at the roots through styling that’s paired with skillful layers to give the cut the expensive swing it needs.

The style moves away from a one-length bob and introduces layers around the face for some extra framing action and lots of internal layers to add volume without losing the weighty look. The ends are sliced blunt to create a healthy baseline that trims away any straggly ends and makes hair appear thicker. Then, root-boosting stylers like mousse or root-lift sprays are used to add gravity and height, while round brushes help to blow dry in body for fuller looking strands.

Here are more ways to wear the plush bob…


We love these lash skimming loose curtain bangs for adding a little extra structure to this plush-looking bob.

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We’ll stan the pinch hair hack to anyone who’ll listen. Pinching together the two sections of hair at the front of your parting brings the top part closer together while the rest can swoop further apart, which gives a cool-girl curtain bangs shape. It adds a little extra root lift at the pinch and when paired with some tactical waves that curve at your cheekbone it gives our facial features a little extra definition.

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