The Jellyfish Haircut Is Perfect for Anyone Torn Between a Bob and Long Hair

Like the newly named jellyfish, the hime is also bilevel, consisting of blunt, bob-length fringe in the front and lengthy tendrils in the back.

Still, don’t go calling this a mullet. According to Dan Williams, stylist and salon owner at Studio Dan Williams, says the style is in a league of its own. “I wouldn’t classify this as just a mullet; it’s definitely more avant-garde, and much less hair left longer,” he tells Glamour, noting that the jellyfish is an ideal choice for someone seeking to experiment with a short blunt moment in the front while maintaining length in the back.


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jellyfish haircut shay mitchell

If TikTok has taught us anything about hair, it’s that the more bold and daring, the better. “This look is trending because it’s a gender-neutral style and it’s very edgy, artistic, and creative,” says Raven Hurtado, stylist at Maxine Salon. “It’s like having short and long hair at the same time.”

This makes it an ideal option if you’re not ready to chop off your length but want to test out a different look, she adds. “This cut is also perfect if you want to experiment with color for an extra-bold, playful style and show off your personality.”

As for which face shapes this style works for? Pretty much all of them, though Abramite reiterates that it’s far from low-maintenance. “This bold style works on every face shape, but it’s not for the faint of heart. The design lines are unblended causing a heavy build up in weight that features thin lengths underneath,” she explains. “While it’s big on style and trendy, it’s not the easiest style to wear because of the extreme silhouette and changes in weight distribution.”

jellyfish haircut
jellyfish haircut

Cavalcante echoes this. “It’s modern and youthful but a bit more of a commitment than other haircuts,” he says. “If you go all in, this isn’t a boardroom cut; make sure it fits your lifestyle.”

Once you’re 100% committed to the look, Cavalcante recommends requesting “significant layers around the face with bangs and left long in the back” at the salon. “You can make it subtle or seriously go for it by creating different lengths of layers for a softer look or go dramatic by cutting a bob, yet leaving pieces in the back underneath long,” he says.

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