The Chopped Bob Is Trending For Summer 2024

Looking for a fresh cut for summer? One bob haircut that’s been catching our attention is the chopped bob. The shaggy layered style has us ready to ditch longer lengths for a fling with something shoulder-baring.

We can’t be the only ones, because according to beauty retailer LookFantastic’s Beauty Trends Report, searches for “chopped bob haircut skyrocketed since Jenna Ortega debuted a shoulder-length choppy masterpiece last year. Well, get ready for it to blow up again: the chopped bob is more than back this season.

Katy Perry, Demi Lovato, and Eva Longoria are all wearing the trend ahead of vacation season, with Perry even sharing a behind-the-scenes Instagram reel of celebrity hairstylist Jesus Guerrero giving her the cut. The “E.T.” singer asked followers if they had any “thoughts, comments, concerns?” Our answer? Nope, not one!

Within a few hours, Perry shared actual pictures of her edgy, side-parted chopped bob to her grid. The photos, which seem to have been taken backstage on the set of American Idol, shows Perry drinking Coca Cola out of a can with a straw. Relatable!

Lovato did the same just a few days prior, proving just how versatile a chopped bob can truly be. In the first photo, Lovato’s hair was pushed back and tucked behind their ears like a mullet or pixie. The another look, her bob is styled like an old-fashioned flicked-out bob. Longoria, on the other hand, embraced the similarly trending “wet look” for her chopped lob with bangs. See? You really can’t go wrong when it comes to the chopped bob.

As for why the trend is taking off now? It probably has something to do with the dark feminine energy vibes it gives off. On that note, if you’re looking for something more prim and polished, might I suggest the princess bob instead?

The chopped bob first took off when Ortega’s hairstylist, Dave Stanwell, revealed “we did a thang ✂️” on his Instagram alongside a picture of Ortega with notably shorter, notably shaggier, deliciously rebellious hair.

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