Taylor Swift's Wavy Hair Made an Appearance at Her Eras Tour Stop in France

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During the show, Swift made sure to give a shoutout to the audience for sticking out the rain with her. “So it looks like we have officially had a rain show tonight, this is a rain show for sure,” the star told the crowd, per People. “You guys are absolute champions and heroes for dancing even harder when it started raining.” Honestly, knowing Swifties, they’d endure a blizzard for their queen. A little rain? That’s nothing.

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John Shearer/TAS24/Getty Images

Taylor Swift has encountered rain on earlier stops on her Eras Tour, and, like at her show in Lyon, the moisture in the air encouraged her natural curls to come out to play. (True fans know that in the early days of her career, Swift was a curly hair icon. These days, however, she’s more of a blow-out girlie.)

Her makeup, on the other hand, did not budge an inch. This red lip, specifically, is rain-proof and make out-proof, if you’ll recall the 2024 AFC Championships where she kissed beau Travis Kelce several times after his team won. Swift doesn’t endorse products, but luckily, we managed to track down her exact lipstick, should you find yourself performing the pouring rain for thousands of people, or making out with a football star. Always be prepared, right?

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