Subaru WRX Long-Term Update: The base seats are fantastic

Although Road Test Editor Zac Palmer already gave a thorough overview of our WRX’s interior, I wanted to take a moment to really highlight the front seats. They are so, so good, both at being comfortable and keeping you in place. They’re quite deep, with lots of thigh support. The bolsters are firm and prominent too, but just open enough that even larger occupants will be comfortable. Our Limited also gets Ultrasuede upholstery on the same basic seats. Combine those bolsters with the Ultrasuede, and you get some astonishing grip. It can actually take a bit of effort to fully slide into these seats. Once you’re in place, all that support plus lots of legroom and a relatively high seating position mean it’s easy to stay comfy for a very long time. It all reminds me of the 2007 Civic Si I had a number of years ago, just having a near perfect blend of comfort and support for on the road and in sportier scenarios.

This also means that you shouldn’t feel obligated to move up to the CVT-equipped GT, or the even-sportier TR versions of the WRX to get the Recaro seats. Having sat in them myself, I don’t think they’re so much better to be worth moving up in trim, unless you want things like that CVT in the GT, or the upgraded brakes and firmer suspension in the TR. So with that money saved, you’ll have a little extra to get the fun glowing front badge. Or a CD player.

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