Selma Blair on Dating Again After MS Diagnosis: ‘The Disability Word…It Just Confuses People'

Selma Blair is ready to get back out there, and we think she’d be a total catch.

Since announcing her multiple sclerosis diagnosis in 2018, Blair has been on a journey of healing and disability activism, and has found a profound new zest for life. This year, the actor is one of Glamour‘s Women of the Year honorees, and in her accompanying profile, she opened up about how, now that she understands the issues that have been plaguing her body and mind for decades, she can be a better partner than ever.

“I think I deserve it and think I’m in a great place to show up as the best version of me. It’s the first time I have hope. And I could have never said that in my life before,” she said. And she’s optimistic that the universe will make it happen: “I still believe if I’m just true to myself, that person will come into my life one day.”

Maybe he already has? Blair recalled meeting an interesting fella through a friend recently. “Something in this person inspired me to see myself differently by the way he looked at the world…Just from that brief meeting, I thought, I have something I didn’t know I did.” Friends of Blair’s friends: let’s set this up!

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