SEC lawsuit crushes HEX, defi traders look at InQubeta presale

The decentralized finance (defi) sector has seen rapid growth, innovation, and occasional debates. For instance, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently sued HEX, a move that saw the token’s price plunge.

Amid this, defi investors and analysts are examining InQubeta and its ongoing presale.

InQubeta plans for defi

InQubeta taps into the capabilities of blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI). 

The project’s presale has generated significant interest due to the project’s staking model and non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace. Subsequently, the demand for QUBE has been rising in recent weeks.

In the ongoing presale, QUBE is available for $0.0112 but will rise to $0.0133 in the next phase. 

The presale is in progress, and investors appear drawn by InQubeta’s reputation, technology, and marketing. With the project’s commitment to innovation and improvement, QUBE is among the high-growth tokens analysts actively monitor.

QUBE is also deflationary and provides holders with governance rights. With the expansion of the investor base and staked QUBE, the token’s demand, amid rising scarcity, will likely increase.

On the security front, InQubeta emphasizes security, as demonstrated by its smart contract audit conducted by Hacken that aims to mitigate investment risks.

HEX: Analyzing defi dynamics

HEX is a blockchain-based certificate-of-deposit (CD) on Ethereum. 

It provides a premium interest rate to token holders who lock their assets for a predetermined duration. Like conventional fixed deposits, HEX’s structure encourages holding. Users have the option to stake for a duration of anywhere between 1 and 5,555 days.

Stakers receive HEX incentives akin to interest on traditional CDs, incentivizing holding and reducing selling pressures. HEX holders can view future-locked supply charts, allowing them to anticipate stakes’ expiration and strategize accordingly.

Nevertheless, HEX has faced regulatory obstacles, with the SEC filing a lawsuit claiming that its token offering lacked proper registration and qualified as an unregistered securities sale. 

This legal development has led to uncertainty and unease within the HEX community and motivated some traders to consider possibilities in the ongoing InQubeta presale.


The recent developments surrounding HEX underscore the importance of regulatory adherence in defi. 

As traders seek alternative avenues for growth, projects like InQubeta can be options to consider. 

InQubeta adopts an innovative approach integrating AI-driven solutions and NFT, aligning with those desired by defi investors.

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