Raoul Pal Identifies Solana as a Leading Altcoin, Second Only to Ethereum

Renowned former Goldman Sachs executive, Raoul Pal, has voiced his confidence in Solana (SOL), touting it as one of his top picks among altcoins and potentially the most promising project in the crypto sphere, aside from Ethereum (ETH).

In an exclusive interview with Altcoin Daily, the Real Vision founder lauded Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko, popularly known as Toly, as an influential figure in the crypto arena, embodying the essence of the Solana ecosystem.

“Too many people get too involved with what they like because they like it and they’re a part of that thing. But I just observe Solana… I see Toly as a thought leader. He’s accepting of others around him, he builds bridges and doesn’t destroy them.”

Pal went on to highlight the highly engaged developer community within Solana and the palpable passion driving the growth of its ecosystem and technology. He noted the widespread usage and public awareness of the chain as further indicators of its potential.

Visa’s recent announcement of integrating stablecoin settlement capabilities on Solana further solidified Pal’s confidence in the project. According to him, the move by Visa suggests that the payments giant is on a strategic trajectory.

“If digital assets are destined for another market expansion in the next couple of years, which Pal believes, he says that Solana could be one of the safest bets.”

“So, why is Visa using Solana? Because it’s fast. It’s fast, and it does a good job.”

Pal acknowledged Solana’s distinction from Ethereum and appreciated Toly’s exploratory discussions about the integration and interoperability between the two ecosystems.

Reflecting on Solana’s track record, Pal emphasized that the project has demonstrated consistent success, even during periods of widespread apprehension and skepticism.

“For me, it’s a great story. It’s still probably the best major story in the space outside of Ethereum because Ethereum is the big daddy. But we’re looking at the next stage down, where’s the next altcoin that has relative security, and you’re not taking a wild guess…”

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