Pumpkin Spice Makeup Is Trending for Fall, Because of Course It Is

Sorry (not sorry) summer lovers, but we’re officially in fall mode—and the rise of fall beverage-inspired aesthetics like pumpkin spice makeup proves it. Yes, you read that right: Pumpkin spice lattes have officially come for our glam during a central U.S. heatwave. Be mad about it!

“This fall it’s all about warm, inviting looks reminiscent of a pumpkin-spice latte,” Mat Wulff, professional makeup artist and Ulta Beauty Pro team member, tells Glamour of fall’s biggest beauty trends. His take as for why the look is surging now? The (seemingly never-ending) rise in ’90s-inspired earth-toned beauty —think goth glam grunge à la The Craft —and recent resurgence in monochromatic bronzed glam like latte makeup and strawberry girl makeup.

If you’re struggling to envision pumpkin spice latte makeup, imagine a darker, fall-friendly monochromatic makeup look. This means that means your eyeshadow and liner match your bronzer and highlighter which match your lips and so on.

As for makes it pumpkin or cinnamon spice as opposed to strawberry or lemon girl makeup? That would (obviously) be the colors: Strawberry and lemon embrace bright red and yellows, respectively, while pumpkin and cinnamon spice are all about brown, bronzed, and neutral earth-toned shades. It’s pretty much all of your favorite summer beauty trends, repackaged—and pigmented—for the cooler temps of fall and wintertime.

“Brown tones complement a wide range of skin tones and offer a simple method to enhance your daily makeup,” Wulff says as to why the earthy aesthetic is growing in popularity. “The monochromatic look is also universally appealing and adds a finishing touch to your entire ensemble.”

It also certainly doesn’t hurt that matching your makeup shades to each other makes it easier to apply and conceptualize. Why do we need so much color anyway? Maybe we don’t, and that’s what these makeup moments are telling us. Worth considering.

While pumpkin spice makeup as a trend is (obviously) tied to fall, you’ve likely seen the monochromatic bronzed look before. Celebrity makeup artists Patrick Ta, Hung Vanngo, Nikki Wolff, and Ash K Holm are especially fond of the style, and so it’s no surprise so many of their clients are pumpkin spice pioneers: Anitta, Vanessa Hudgens, Lori Harvey, Gigi Hadid, Shay Mitchell, and Florence Pugh have all rocked their own takes on the look as of late.

The best of pumpkin spice makeup, however, is how easy it is to DIY. “Using your bronzer as eyeshadow is a clever way to bring warmth and depth to your eyes, while matching the tone on your cheeks for a cohesive look,” says Wulff. Some of Wulff’s favorite products for the job include Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer and Natasha Denona Tan Bronze & Glow.

Another easy way to nail the aesthetic? “Apply a highlighter over the bronzer base on the eyes and cheeks to add a subtle shimmer and glow,” Wulff says. “Then, complete the look with a brown lip liner paired with a clear gloss on the lips to get that natural, autumn hue.” His favorite lip product? The Mac Lip Pencil in colors Cork, Chestnut, and Oak.

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