Passport Photo: This Is The Secret To Getting One You’ll Love For The Next 10 Years

“Passport makeup” is a soft glam makeup trend that has gone viral for being the secret to looking as good as possible in a passport photo, which are known for being notoriously unforgiving. The #passportmakeup hashtag has garnered an astounding 385.3 million views currently on TikTok and sees no signs of stopping.

The secret to mastering the perfect passport photograph is all down to “symmetry” according to beauty content creator, Georgia Barratt, who went viral for her videos which detail how to achieve the look (one of which is currently on 25.3 millions views). In order to successfully bypass the one-dimensional lighting of the booth and radiate through the dullness — a little extra time, effort and product is required on picture day. The result? A lifted, elevated makeup look which is in full glam territory, while still conveying an air of effortlessness. Once you’ve followed these steps, you’ll be left with a passport photograph to be proud of for the next ten or so years, but that still leaves you recognizable on your makeup-free travels.

Here, we explore the key elements of the trend and how to best achieve this look with help from renowned makeup artist, Mata Mariélle.

Start with light foundation.

“My favorite products for creating the perfect passport photo glam are products that are light, but elevate the skin immediately,” says makeup artist Mata Mariélle. When it comes to creating the perfect base, Mariélle prefers a lighter formula that allows for the skin’s natural radiance to shine through. “A tinted foundation like the Rose Inc. tinted serum foundation is key,” she shares. “If you want flawless-looking skin, that still has glow and dewyness, this foundation is perfect for you.”

Rose Inc Skin Enhance Luminous Tinted Serum

Yves Saint Laurent Nu Bare Look Skin Tint

Add dimension.

Mimicking light and shadows helps to keep the dimension that passport booth lighting tends to strip away. Contouring is essential when defining the jawline, temples, above the cheek, nose and chin, as are brightening powders when it comes to “lifting” the face. “Prisme Libre Setting Powder by Givenchy is gold — it suits every complexion and you don’t get flash back,” says Mariélle.

“The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Highlight is also super light and natural looking, making it a beautiful finishing touch to add to the cheeks and brow bone.”

Givenchy The Iconic Powder Prisme Libre Powder

Hourglass Sculpture Ambient Lighting Edit

Go for natural, yet groomed, brows.

Groomed brows are the key to achieving this polished makeup look. “The best eyebrow product for this would be the Too Faced Super Fine Brow Pencil, which is perfect for creating feather type natural brows,” Mariélle recommends.

Too Faced Super Fine Brow Detailer Eyebrow Pencil

Elongate the eyes.

Giving the illusion of elongated eyes, the fox eyeliner shape paired with a corner lash is another unmissable step when it comes to achieving this trend. The feathery Ardell Naked Lashes and the fluttery Eyelure ¾ Length Lashes will help you to achieve this effect.

Eylure 3/4 Length Lashes 002

Add lip liner and gloss.

When it comes to lips, the key is a defined liner and to keep the shade as close to your natural colouring as possible. Nourishing lip balms, shiny glosses and tinted lip oils are great to start with. Mariélle’s favourite product to use on her clients? The Clarins Lip Oil. “It is available in so many shades,” she says. “It is amazing for lips, as well as being used as a highlighter for all of the high points on your face. You can even add some of this to your eyelids. I just love the natural finish it gives.”

Jones Road The Best Lip Pencil

Finish with setting spray.

You want this makeup look to stay firmly in place for the picture, and so the key is to apply a setting spray, which you should apply spritz before and after your base to ensure it really won’t move.

NYX Professional Makeup Setting Spray

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Setting Spray

This article first appeared on British Vogue.

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