Nissan Rogue Rock Creek variant with chunky tires, roof rack caught in spy photos

Just like the Pathfinder, it looks like the Nissan Rogue is adding a Rock Creek off-road trim to its lineup. One of our spy shooters just caught a test car that leaves little to no doubt about what we’re looking at.

The camo over what are surely tubular roof rails is the first hint that this Rogue is a Rock Creek – Nissan did a whole lot of nothing to make anybody think otherwise. Then, the chunkier tires are another dead giveaway that we’re looking at an off-road trim. To add even more fuel to this hot, burning fire, coverings are placed over the logo on the front doors. If you take a quick look at the Pathfinder Rock Creek, you’ll notice that the “Rock Creek” logo is placed on exactly the same spot as the camo is on this Rogue. Yeah, this one’s a slam dunk.

Of course, there are also camouflaged coverings over the front and rear fascias of this Rogue. If Nissan uses a similar strategy as it does on the Pathfinder, that means the Rogue Rock Creek will get unique fascias of its own. The theme will be much more butch and rugged than the regular Rogue, and it’s likely that Nissan gives this Rock Creek version slightly more ground clearance than the standard model, too.

Given the recent smattering of Rogue spy shots, it’s likely that we see some news on a refresh soon. You can expect small changes throughout, with the big ones being new interior tech and now, a Rock Creek variant.

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