Need for skilled AI talent is driving up salaries

Dive Brief:

  • Interest in generative AI adoption has caused companies to seek out workers with related skills, but luring in-demand talent will require competitive salaries as the market heats up.
  • The average listed salary for an AI engineer grew 12% since last quarter, according to data analysis by tech salaries tracker Now, the average salary is around $188,000 for AI engineers, 21% higher than non-AI software engineers. 
  • The number of AI-related job postings rose 22% in the past three months compared to the previous quarter as enterprise generative AI plans require tech leaders to recruit skilled talent, according to an analysis of 5,000 U.S. tech companies.

Dive Insight:

Ask a tech leader about generative AI, and they’re likely to emphasize that this technology isn’t new. The recent wave of interest, however, is leading executives to adjust their playbooks. 

From prioritizing investments in generative AI to ambitious training initiatives, companies across industries are working to effectively use the technology and gain a competitive edge. 

In turn, the need for skilled AI talent only seems to be growing for organizations embarking on an adoption journey and vendors looking to capitalize on enterprise interest. 

Over the past three months, 579 technology companies have listed nearly 2,000 AI-related job postings, according to the data. The most common titles include machine learning engineer, AI engineer, machine learning scientist and computer vision engineer. 

Emerging technologies accounted for more than one-quarter of all tech job postings in September, with more than one-third of those positions requiring AI skills, according to a CompTIA analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

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