Most Asian Americans View Their Ancestral Homelands Favorably, Except Chinese Americans – Pew Research

In the latest report underscoring negative sentiment in the United States toward China, Pew Research found that most Asian Americans view their ancestral homelands favorably, except for Chinese Americans.

Fewer than half — 41% — say they hold a favorable opinion of China, Pew said in a report out today. By contrast, about nine-in-ten Taiwanese and Japanese Americans say their opinion of their own ancestral homeland is very or somewhat favorable, as do large majorities of Korean, Indian and Filipino adults. A smaller majority of Vietnamese Americans say they have a favorable view of Vietnam, Pew said.

The report is based on an analysis of a nationally representative survey of Asian American adults conducted from July 5, 2022, to Jan. 27, 2023, Pew said. The period was covered heightened military exercises around Taiwan by China’s People’s Liberation Army following a visit by then U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Taiwan last August.

More broadly, Asian Americans have predominantly negative views of China, Pew found. Only 20% of Asian adults have a favorable opinion of China, compared with 52% who have an unfavorable opinion and 26% with neither a favorable nor unfavorable opinion, the research group said. Approximately 24 million Americans were at least partly of Asian descent as of 2021, according to Commerce Department figures.

The image of the U.S. itself fared much better in the report. Around three-quarters of Asian Americans (78%) have a favorable view of the United States. A majority also say they have positive views of Japan (68%), South Korea (62%) and Taiwan (56%), Pew found. Overall opinion among Asian Americans of Vietnam, the Philippines and India was more mixed. For Vietnam and the Philippines, 37% of Asian adults have positive views, while around half say they have neither favorable nor unfavorable views. Meanwhile, 33% of Asian Americans have favorable views of India, 41% report a neutral view and 23% view it unfavorably, Pew said.

Prominent Asian American immigrants in business include chipmaker Nvidia’s CEO Jensen Huang, who hails from Taiwan, software firm Zscaler’s India-born CEO Jay Chaudhry, and Pakistan-born Flex-N-Gate CEO Shahid Kahn.

U.S.-China relations have gotten a boost in recent weeks with visits to Beijing by U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Climate Envoy John Kerry. Word this week of new military exercises between China and Beijing ally Russia aren’t likely to help.

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