Michelle Pfeiffer Just Proved That Subtle, Soft Glam Looks Gorgeous at All Ages

Although we’ve grown used to seeing Michelle Pfeiffer looking gorgeous sans makeup of late, the 65-year-old actor posted a selfie on Instagram over the weekend that revealed what can only be described as a master class in low-key yet high-impact makeup.

Sporting a sheer embroidered blouse underneath a gray blazer, Pfeiffer looked radiant in a spin on her signature style. She wore soft brown eye shadow haloing her blue eyes, rosy cheeks, and petal pink lips. Not a bold statement look, this was soft and subtle makeup at its best, and just might account for Pfeiffer’s ear-to-ear smile. This sort of low-key glam is also perfect for party season as it requires minimal effort and barely any maintenance.

To re-create the look at home, opt for easy-to-wear neutrals that gently define features without overwhelming them and creamy textures that are easy to apply. For anyone worried about makeup settling into fine lines around the eye area, melting formulas, like RMS Beauty Eyelights Cream Shadows, are your friend. If a feathered lip line is your concern, anchor your lipstick with a flesh-toned lip liner like Pfeiffer, and tap around the edges to eradicate any harsh lines.

Fresh, radiant skin and a touch of subtle highlight down the bridge of her nose was the perfect finishing touch to Pfeiffer’s glam. In keeping with the easy, effortless mood, her blonde shoulder-length hair was casually parted, showing off the sun-kissed highlights framing her face. Simple and very effective.

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