Lies Don’t Stand A Chance In The Fantasy K-Drama ‘My Lovely Liar’

It’s not hard to figure out what’s true in the fantasy k-drama My Lovely Liar. All the characters need to do is hire an expert. That expert is Sol-hee aka The Liar Hunter Who Serves The God of Truth. However, discerning what’s true could be expensive.

So-hee’s ability to tell when someone is lying also serves her bank account, since people will pay her big bucks to find out if they’re being scammed. The way her lie detector works is simple. When people are lying Sol-hee hears a loud discordant noise. When they are telling the truth, there’s only silence. A white lie might ring just a little bit, but not clang, while some lies really screech. The ability to spot a lie has paid off, adding to her bank account, and earning her some respect from those she’s helped.

Sometimes Sol-hee, played by Kim So-hyun, travels to unravel the truth and sometimes she sees private clients in her newly opened Tarot Cafe. It’s in her cafe’s neighborhood that she meets the mysterious composer Do-ha, played by Hwang Min-yun, also known simply as Minyun. The reclusive Do-ha happens to be hiding out in the apartment next to So-hee’s. No one is quite sure what Do-ha looks like. He always wears a mask or sunglasses—even at night—although he won’t explain why. When he’s unjustly accused of being a stalker, Sol-hee comes to his defense. She can tell that his pleas of innocence are genuine.

Living next door will provide the opportunity to become better acquainted. If they had a chance to talk more they might also discover they have a lot in common. They are both enthusiastic fans of British soccer teams, even if it’s not the same team. She probably won’t hold that choice against him if she’s ever called on to defend him again.

Kim and Minyun make an appealing couple in this fun fantasy drama, while exploring what it means to be honest. Kim’s most recent dramas are River Where The Moon Rises, both seasons of Love Alarm and The Tale of Nokdu. Minhyun, a former member of the k-pop bands Nu’est and Wanna One, has appeared in the TV dramas Alchemy of Souls and Live On. The cast of My Lovely Liar also includes Seo Ji-hoon, Lee Si-woo and Yun Ji-on, plus an array of recognizable character actresses as friends, relatives and clients of Sol-hee’s.

The tvN drama currently airs on in the US.

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