Leo Tarot Horoscopes: May 2024

Own your growth, Leo! Your monthly tarotscopes—or tarot horoscopes, a combination of tarot cards and astrology—can help you shift your perspective to become who you’ve always dreamed of being. Together we can find your highest vibrational self in 2024 through tarot horoscopes.

Read on to see what’s in store for your sign this year with your monthly tarot horoscope, Leo. And if you’d like more guidance, check out Glamour’s weekly horoscopes or consult the other zodiac signs’ monthly tarotscope.

Meghan Rose is an astrologer, tarot reader, and writer based out of Los Angeles whose work bridges the magical and the material to create real change. Rose acts as a guide for her clients to help them navigate relationships, career, and everything in between. Learn more at themeghanrose.com and follow her on Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter.

May 2024

The Tower: With Pluto retrograde landing in your seventh house of relationships, it’s no wonder the Tower card is showing up. It’s important for you to anticipate that life will have its challenges without allowing that to bog you down. No relationship or opportunity is going to be perfect, so instead of thinking that rose-colored goggles are the answer, why not try full and unadulterated acceptance? Not only of others, or of yourself, but of the situation at hand and life at large.

You are capable of releasing your standards that are keeping you from feeling true happiness now. I promise you are safe to let your guard down, Leo. Even as the walls of your ivory tower come crashing down, trust that you will land on your feet.

April 2024

Knight of Swords: This month is moving at the speed of light, and it’s important that you remind yourself to slow down. When Mercury retrograde is here from April 1 to 25 in fellow fire sign Aries, you might feel revved up and ready to make changes. However, whatever you do during this time might need to be reassessed later on. So before you say yes to that proposal, new home, new job, or vacation, you might want to take a fine-tooth comb over the plans that you have already set in place so you’re not double-booking yourself. You might feel slightly overwhelmed during this time if you say yes to too many things or people. Use your discernment in April and you will be fine, but forgo foresight and you might regret it.

March 2024

Two of Cups: Your life is coming into a moment of alignment that you have not previously felt or encountered. There is someone (or something) that you’ve been wishing for, and you will have a moment this month when you look around with grateful eyes and realize that you are no longer yearning for this to happen, because it is happening! You need to take these moments, stop, breathe, and relish the experience of noticing your wins. If you are constantly glossing over the big moments or achievements in your life and asking “What’s next?” all of the time, your spirit team will not feel that you appreciate what you already have. It’s less about needing to be grateful and more about experiencing gratitude. This is part of the blessing, not separate from whatever you are receiving. Use this month to write down your recent wins, or what parts of your life are things that you once had only dreamed about! You might be surprised at what you’ve missed out on celebrating.

February 2024

Eight of Wands: You are going to have an opportunity this month to explore a new place or perspective that was otherwise unknown to you. This new position is going to give you a chance to set yourself free and start to live more passionately. Saying yes to the legacy you want to leave behind takes small, everyday decisions that ultimately lead to a path that you’ve forged from A to Z. However, you need to recognize other people along the way and thank them appropriately by giving back to the resources and causes that helped you to get here. A little goes a long way in the name of philanthropy. Don’t discount your ability to do a good deed (or 10) this month!

January 2024

Queen of Wands: Rise up for the blessings you deserve, my lion(ess)! You are walking into a month that is sure to be filled with gifts and kismet opportunities beyond your wildest dreams. You are going to start to see how powerful you are when you are in your power. Living with the expectation of kindness and abundance does not make you entitled. Instead, look at it this way. If you invited a friend over for dinner, you wouldn’t act surprised when they arrived! Let yourself relate to your wishes this way too. Expect their arrival. Expect good things to happen to you this month and beyond.

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