Lelo Gigi 2 Honest Review 2023

To no surprise, Gigi 2 hits the right spot, er, my G-spot perfectly. It doesn’t involve any finagling and I love that. As I do with G-spot vibrators, I apply just enough pressure so vibrations go deep and my entire vagina feels like it’s ascended to another plane. But with the Gigi 2, it’s not just vag-related pleasure but more all-encompassing. While the vibes are up close and personal to my G-spot, the sensations never cease to spread beyond that and throughout my body. Despite this, I don’t have a G-spot orgasm each time with the Gigi 2, but that’s on me. G-spot orgasms are something I can achieve only when my head is 100% in the game—which, I admit, isn’t always the case. For clitoral orgasm, it’s a buzz-and-done situation, but internal O’s require more from me. But when it comes to G-spot orgasms, Gigi 2 delivers more than the other G-spot stimulators I have in my trove. It’s even made me squirt a few times, so that speaks volumes (pun!) in and of itself. I’d also like to note that, although I was unable to procure a cervical orgasm, with Gigi 2 it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Gigi 2 has four inches of insertable length and the cervix is anywhere from three to six inches up from the vaginal opening, so it could happen.

I know the Gigi 2 isn’t new. It’s been around since before I was even a zygote (because I’m that young). But despite that, I still know a bit about sex toys. I might still burn everything I put in the oven and I may have to hold up my hands in L-shapes to determine right from left, but sex toys I know. And with that said, the Gigi 2 is in my top five of all time for a reason.

Orgasm rating: A

One of the reasons the Gigi 2 is among Lelo’s bestsellers is because when it comes to serving up orgasms, it’s a sure thing. A Lelo Gigi 2 review on Lovehoney declared, “Gigi hits my G-spot directly and massages it mercilessly. She never misses and I lose myself.” Same, friend, same. It’s a G-spot massage that won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Design: A

I love the design of all Lelo toys. Whether it’s Sona, Soraya Wave, or Mona 2, I’m like a moth to a flame when it comes to the designs. That matte deep rose silicone vibrator against my clit or G-spot is a delicious luxury that not every brand can offer. It’s USB rechargeable with a battery life of up to four hours when fully charged—another fantastic design feature—and comes with a satin pouch so you can toss your vibrator and charger in your bag every time you travel.

Quality: A

In case you’re late to the party, when it comes to sex toys, they should always be made of premium, medical-grade silicone. If your sex toy is made of regular ol’ plastic or a jelly-like substance, throw it out. Now. (Glass dildos are still fine to use.)

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