Kim Kardashian Is Reportedly in the ‘Hanging Out’ Stage With Another NFL Star

Making predictions about the Kardashians’ love lives has become a losing game (once Pete Davidson is involved, nobody is off the table), until Kim Kardashian throws us for a loop by dating a man we’d think was exactly her type, if predicting Kim Kardashian’s type was a thing we still felt confident in doing.

According to People, insiders say that Kardashian and star NFL wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. are currently “hanging out,” after Beckham’s split from his longtime girlfriend Lauren Wood. The only surprise this time is that this relationship makes so much sense. Before Kanye West, you may recall that many of Kardashian’s boyfriends, as well as her second husband, were, like Beckham, professional athletes.

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush in 2009.

Gregg DeGuire

There was football player Reggie Bush, of course, whom she started dating in 2007 before breaking up in 2010. Shortly thereafter, Kardashian dated another football player, Miles Austin, according to InStyle, before swiftly moving on to NBA player Kris Humphries, whom she married, then divorced, within a matter of months in 2011. It certainly gave the impression that Kardashian had a rather specific type. But after the Davidson affair, all bets were off. Her next boyfriend could have been Justin Trudeau for all we could guess.

Who could have predicted that, after all these years, Kim Kardashian would go for the most obvious choice ever?

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