Katie Holmes Adds a French-Girl Shoe To Her All-American Outfit

This weekend, Katie Holmes was invited to the 2023 US Open Tennis Championship, but she was actually–perhaps on more of a spiritual level–attending The Masters or The PGA Tournament. That is because she wore a Miu Miu sweater that looked as though it might have been designed for a 1970s golfing pro, its wide-paned Argyle plaid rendered in butterscotch browns and creams.

Worn with a tangle of gold chains, straight-legged jeans, and some square-toed ballet flats, the look compounded the tomboyish persona that Holmes and her stylist Brie Welch have spent the past couple of months constructing. At one point, the actor removed the Miu Miu sweater (which is technically menswear) and draped it across her shoulders, knotting it so that it caped over one arm.

Jean Catuffe

Much like Sarah Jessica Parker’s necklace-into-the-bra-strap quirk, Katie Holmes’ sweater is a considered accent. And though the term “personal style” is fast becoming fashion’s most overused expression, here is an example of someone who seems to be engaged in a unique relationship with their clothing. It’s not necessarily about looking put together, it’s about clothes revealing a sense of the person beneath them.

This article was originally published by British Vogue.

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