Kandy G Lopez’s Debut Show Inaugurates ACA Galleries’ New Space in Chelsea

Continuing its storied legacy in American art, ACA Galleries embarks on a new chapter with the opening of its second location at 173 Tenth Avenue in Chelsea, underscoring the gallery’s commitment to preserving its historical roots within a contemporary framework. Its doors will open this month with Kandy G Lopez: Situational Identity, New Works in Fiber, the debut solo exhibition of the gallery’s newest addition to its roster.

Central to the upcoming exhibition is Lopez’s exploration of identity within immigrant experiences and the shifting narratives that accompany such journeys. Inspired by Ginetta Candelario’s essay “Black behind the Ears: Dominican Racial Identity from Museums to Beauty Shops,” Lopez aims to translate intricate concepts of ancestry, race, class, and gender into fiber-based artworks that facilitate meaningful conversations.

Kandy G Lopez, “Quavia” (2023), yarn and acrylic paint on mesh canvas, 60 x 50 inches

Lopez, recognized for her work as a multidisciplinary Afro-Caribbean American portrait artist, delves deep into the complexities of identity, particularly within marginalized communities that resonate with her own background. Spanning various mediums, her body of work investigates the concept of “otherness” and its psychological implications, with the intention of offering viewers a contemplative space for reflection and discourse.

ACA Galleries’ expansion into new territory aligns with its commitment to fostering dynamic dialogues between historical and contemporary art. In parallel to its new location, ACA Galleries will continue to maintain its existing space at 529 West 20th Street, 5th floor, on an appointment-only basis. Legacy exhibitions will be revisited with a contemporary lens, creating a bridge between historical and modern contexts.

Kandy Lopez Octavia 2023
Kandy G Lopez, “Octavia” (2023), yarn and spray paint on plastic canvas, 60 x 50 inches

Kandy G Lopez: Situational Identity, New Works in Fiber will run from September 5 to October 21 and the opening reception is scheduled for September 14, from 6 to 8pm.

Lopez’s works will also be prominently featured in Women in Fiber: Kandy G Lopez, Dindga McCannon, Faith Ringgold, Aminah Robinson, and June Wayne presented by ACA Galleries at The Armory Show from September 8 to 10.

For more information, visit acagalleries.com.

ACA Galleries 010.2023.08.29.kandy .lopez .install
Installation view of Kandy G Lopez: Situational Identity, New Works in Fiber at ACA Galleries
ACA Galleries 002.2023.08.29.kandy .lopez .install
Installation view of Kandy G Lopez: Situational Identity, New Works in Fiber at ACA Galleries

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