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Jennifer Lopez Would Like a Word With the Non-Believers Who Say She Doesn't Use Her Own Products

The internet today is basically unusable without a healthy dose of skepticism, but Jennifer Lopez insists that the doubters who say she doesn’t really use the products from her “JLo Glow” line are too doubtful for their own good.

In a new Instagram video, the “Jenny from the Block” singer notes that she just turned 54 and fells “better than ever.” Seemingly shot in her bathroom, the star applies her skincare routine using her own products, which she shows on her countertop. “Here, for anybody who’s like, brrrr, J.Lo doesn’t use her own products on her skin! I call bullshit on you right now.” Promising that the video is without retouching or filters, she cites sunscreen as a major contributor to her healthy face, telling viewers to start wearing it ASAP.

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The comments are divided equally between people praising her beauty, calling out supposed cosmetic procedures, and compliments in Spanish I can only half-translate.

In addition to sunscreen, it should be noted that Lopez often protects her skin using shade, which is even more effective than SPF. Her eyes are usually covered by enormous sunglasses, and her face is protected by the enormous hats she’s so fond of. Are you gonna come out with a line of hats any time soon? There’s definitely space for a celebrity hat brand. Everyone these days is doing skincare, makeup, and booze (including Lopez), but no one is doing hats! Won’t someone please get a-head of this game?

In addition to rubbing serums on her face, Lopez is embracing the “tomato girl summer” aesthetic and dining on pasta in Italy. Meanwhile I look like a literal tomato girl after I work out because my skin turns bright red every time I do cardio. Can you make a potion or lotion for that, Jennifer Lopez? Or do I have to “exercise more often so my body gets used to it” like some kind of peasant?

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