Jennifer Lawrence Hired Security for 1-Year-Old Son After Dealing With 'Intrusive Thoughts and Anxiety'

Lawrence admitted she wanted her security guard to be “invisible” until she realized it sent the wrong message to her son. “Yeah, friendly is nice because before I hired them, in my mind I was like, I want them to be invisible. I don’t want my kid to see you or know you,” Lawrence explained. “And then once they start working for you, it’s like, ‘Well, wait. This is a person in our life. He’s helping us.’”

She continued, “That’s not really a good lesson to ignore the person that’s helping us. It’s probably better to say, ‘Say good morning to Sean. Hi. How are you?’ We’ve incorporated them more in our lives, which surprised me. That wasn’t how I planned it.”

Of course, they also talked about more fun topics like makeup. When asked what Stormi thinks Jenner does for work, the Kylie Cosmetics mogul replied, “Mommy makes makeup.” She added, “Stormi was playing with my makeup yesterday. She loves putting on a red lip every once in a while…Just around the house, obviously. And I like to always show her my name’s on the lipstick. I’m like, ‘This is Mommy’s lipstick. Your mom’s really cool.’”

Now that Kylie Jenner has officially unveiled her Khy fashion line, Stormi has also been told that “Mommy makes clothes now.” She continued, “I have my Khy collection coming out and I made her all mini-versions of all the pieces from our first drop. I like her to be involved in everything that I do, and I’m always doing special things for her.”

You can read their full chat here.

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