Ireland Baldwin Posted A Sweet Breastfeeding Pic And Now I Wanna Call My Mom

Ireland Baldwin, daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, recently welcomed her own baby girl, Holland, and just posted a sweet photo of the two sharing a moment.

“so many fall dumps to be dumped” she wrote alongside a series of photos on Instagram, though it’s the first that has me in my feelings. In the pic, the model and writer beams at her little girl while breastfeeding her in a ridiculously cute sunlit bedroom. Like, this could be a renaissance painting?

She shares Holland with her boyfriend, musician RAC (you may remember their stripper-themed baby shower), and I’d like to assume he took the picture of his two ladies because it’s sweet and cute and nice and adorable and all the other things. It’s all the things! I want to call my mom, I want to adopt twelve kittens, let’s enjoy nice things that are nice.

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Other pics in the dump include a daddy/daughter café moment, Holland chillaxin in a tiny sweater, cookies, small dogs, and big dogs. Fall vibes immaculate, actually. The post racked up tons of comments, including one from Ireland’s famous dad, who wrote, “Love you.” Again, a nice thing that is nice.

Ireland Baldwin continues to share snippets of her life online despite some iffy feelings about social media because she’s growing her business (she has a restaurant in Oregon) and also because it’s kind of annoying to delete your Instagram account. As she explained in a post in June, “I tried to delete my instagram last night because I just sort of reached a weird breaking point.”

“I kept instagram for as long as I did because to be transparent, I was holding on to the idea that I was throwing away brand opportunities…Since I literally have to request to have my profile deleted (doesn’t work) I guess I’ll stay and make the best of it,” she added. “I love connecting with you all, sharing laughs, glimpses of my little life. I will be more active on the @goodtimes instagram as our business grows.”

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