I can’t afford my partner’s expensive travel style—what should I do?

Join a group trip 

The beauty of a group trip is you pay up front. Depending on your operator, most of the expenses are covered before you’ve even touched down. Accom, transport, some meals—sorted. You’re also less likely to find yourself navigating extraneous and expensive travel options, because everything has been decided and scheduled for you. Some operators have tiers of trip styles, so you can find a price point that suits ahead of departure. S’wonderful, s’monetarily feasible. 

Don’t split 50/50

Some people hate this. And by some people I mean men who think feminism means splitting things 50/50 because, equality. But the reality of life is that financial disparity (and a gender pay gap, lol) exists. If your partner can afford their bougie travel style perhaps they could also afford to split the costs based on bank account, i.e. 70/30. ‘Even Stevens’ is not always fair, folks.

Travel separately 

THE DRAMA. You’d think I just recommended an open relationship. Some people find separate travel to be liberating and fulfilling. Just because you’re in a sexy partnership doesn’t mean they’re your travel soulmate. Maybe your best work friend is your travel soulmate. After all, you’re both being underpaid by the same boss so your budgets are compatible. 

At the end of the day, and trip, travel shouldn’t break your bank or your relationship. In this case, I vote for clear communication, honest budgeting and, if all else fails, therapy. 

Happy travels xoxo

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