How To Turn Your Apple Watch On And Off


Wearers of the Apple Watch can turn it on and off using the rounded rectangular-shaped power button when troubleshooting for various issues.

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Powering an Apple Watch on and off is an option if the device is having display issues or poor user experience.

If an Apple Watch does not seem to be turning on, raise your wrist as the device sleeps when the wrist is lowered, tap the screen, wake the display by turning the circular Digital Crown upward or connect it to a charger.

Ensure the Apple Watch is disconnected from any charging cables before attempting to turn it off.

How To Turn The Apple Watch On And Off

To turn the Apple Watch off, hold down on the power button until a display screen appears and slide the Power Off option from left to right. To turn the Apple Watch on, press and hold on the power button until the Apple logo appears and, if applicable, enter the Apple Watch’s passcode.

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