How To Share And Send Your Location With iPhones


Apple enables iOS device users to share their locations with friends and family through the Find My app–here’s how to share and unshare your location across multiple devices.

Key Facts

Sharing location of iOS devices, such as iPhones, iPads, Mac computers and iWatches, are available through the Find My app.

Sharing locations with someone informs them of where you are at any given time.

Other iPhone users are alerted when another begins sharing their location with them.

How To Share Your Location On Iphones

To share location on iPhone, navigate to the Find My application, go to the People tab, click on the addition button (+) left of People, select Share My Location and choose from the contacts on the device. To share location with family, users can set up Family Sharing by going to the iPhone settings, clicking their names, navigating to Family Sharing, opting to Set Up Family, add family members contact information and Apple IDs and set up Location Sharing to automatically have family members’ devices appear on the Find My app. In the Messages app, users can type in “I’m at” and a Current Location tab will appear, which will allow them to share a current location link.

How To Stop Sharing Your Location On Iphones

To stop sharing your location with someone, go to the Find My app and, under the People tab, select the users’ contact and opt to Stop Sharing My Location. When initially sharing their locations, iPhone users have the option to share their location for either an hour, the end of the day or indefinitely–which is why users may not be able to see the location of someone else who shared their location with them after so long.

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