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How to make your life greener in 2024

Do you want to make meaningful changes to your everyday life that promote a greener way of living? They don’t have to be big, bold or expensive steps. Here are lots of ways you can change and tweak your habits and choices for a more sustainable alternative.

We generate more than 2 billion metric tons of solid municipal waste worldwide each year. This figure is expected to increase by 70 percent by 2050. There are many small changes we can make to reduce the amount we put in our bins.

Writing a shopping list can reduce overbuying and impulse buying. Take reusable bags with you when you shop. And shop packaging free. There are lots of places to buy food without excess packaging like zero-waste shops where customers are encouraged to use containers from home to fill and refill with bulk wholefoods.

Make sure you know what you can recycle locally and follow the advice provided. Reducing waste saves valuable resources as well as reducing pollution and your weekly spend.

By making small changes to our lifestyles, we can collectively move towards a more sustainable future.


This article by Ian Williams, professor of Applied Environmental Science and Alice Brock, PhD Candidate in Environmental Science, both at the University of Southampton, is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article.
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