Heroes Captured in Time

When David LeMonte was CEO at HCA Shoreline Hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, he came up with an idea to recognize emergency medical service personnel, law enforcement officers, firefighters and emergency flight personnel.

“I’m telling you, the response was overwhelmingly supportive. They loved it,” he says. When he joined HCA Florida Aventura Hospital as CEO, he decided it was an effort worth repeating.

Vianca Larice, Florida Aventura’s director of communications community engagement, met with Eduardo Schneider, founder of Schneider Photography and Film, who had shot a Heroes of the Pandemic Lifestyle cover of Mauricio Danckers, medical director of the hospital’s ICU. Schneider came up with a concept he compares with movie posters.

“Working with these guys for me was an incredibly rewarding experience,” Schneider says. “I photograph so many people, but I don’t have many chances to be in front of real live heroes with my camera. I consider this an incredible privilege.”

A dozen pictures are now displayed in the emergency room area, just in time for EMS Week at the end of May.

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