Here are all of the best Lego car sets available at Amazon and Walmart

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Lego is a great toy that allows us to tap into our imagination. Building Lego car sets is an engaging pastime all ages can enjoy. Whatever you can dream, you can build — from a simple 100-piece set to a mind-boggling life-size model of the Bugatti Chiron. And while we love the freedom of building Lego creations from scratch, it’s also incredibly satisfying to tackle a complete set from beginning to end, while carefully following building instructions. 

So, to fulfill our duty as both car and Lego lovers, we’ve compiled a mega list of all of the Lego sets currently available online that feature vehicles of any kind (if we’ve missed one of your favorites, please comment!). The sets featured are organized into categories — Lego Icons, Lego Speed Champions, Lego Technic, and more.

If you’re looking for Lego sets that are not vehicle-focused, click here for all of Walmart’s Lego selections, and click here for Amazon’s Lego selections. We will continue to update this post as new sets become available, so bookmark this page to stay current on Lego sets featuring vehicles.       

Lego Technic

Made for advanced builders, Lego Technic is perfect for builders who seek a more challenging Lego build with great mechanical detail. That means a functioning gearbox, wheels, and axles. Some of the sets available feature cars, planes, and motorcycles. What makes Lego Technic unique is the ability to remote control some select Technic vehicles with the help of the Lego Control + app. 

Lego Speed Champions

Designed for automotive enthusiasts, the Lego Speed Champions sets have a wide range of iconic cars to choose from, like the Ferrari 512 M, or the Lamborghini Countach. Each set features a detailed model of a vehicle and at least one Lego minifigure. These sets encapsulate the essence of the car featured in the set. They’re a fun build and a great collectible for car lovers. 


Lego Star Wars

If you’re one with the Force, then we have hope. We also think you’ll love this Lego Star Wars lineup that lets you explore the building wonders of an ancient time in a galaxy far, far away. The collaboration between Lego and Star Wars has made many fans over the years. These sets feature replicas from locations, spacecraft, vehicles, characters, and much more from the iconic sci-fi franchise.


Lego Icons

The Lego Icons set provides buyers with a “challenging yet rewarding experience” where builders replicate well-known characters or objects from popular culture. These Icons include the DeLorean from “Back to the Future,” the Ornithopter from the film “Dune,” and much more. Letting builders have a memorable piece of pop culture to display. 


Lego City

Get your building helmet on and start constructing your dream city with the colorful sets from Lego City. These sets are great for kids (most sets are recommended for ages 5 to 7 and up) but adults will also have fun “helping out” with building essential city structures, and vehicles like food trucks, garbage trucks, steamrollers, and more. 


Lego Marvel

Whether you’re a fan of the comic books or the movies, Lego Marvel lets you collect and put on display your favorite builds from the Marvel Universe. Bring iconic superheroes and villains to life through your Lego building process recreating film or comic book scenes from Ghost Riders’s motorcycle to Black Widow and Captain America’s vehicles.


Lego Jurassic Park

Welcome, to Lego Jurassic Park. This nostalgic collaboration brings you back to the sci-fi classic where life finds a way to recreate memorable scenes from the film. These Lego Jurassic Park sets include the Dilophosaurus ambush with the iconic Jeep, Brachiosaurus discovery, trucks, and much more. 


Lego Creator

Lego Creator lets you explore multiple builds from a single set. This versatile line of Lego allows your imagination to explore what could be by using the building blocks to create something unique without instructions. Lego Creator sets are great for builders of all ages.


Lego Harry Potter

No magical spell will prevent a die-hard fan from getting one of these sets for their collection. The collaboration between Lego and Harry Potter brings the enchanting world of Hogwarts to life in Lego brick form. Recreate iconic moments from your favorite book and movie and relive those memorable scenes. Build the flying Ford Anglia and soar the skies or rebuild the unforgettable train station with unforgettable characters like Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Hagrid, and more. 


Regardless of which Lego you’re planning on rewarding loved ones or yourself with, the joy and memories that will be built around these tiny building blocks will enrich not only your inner child but allow you to foster your creative and imaginative side through play. What makes Lego unique is the hands-on approach for both children and adults that goes neatly with Lego’s mission statement “to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.” So reward yourself or that special someone with something fun, memorable, and unique. 

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