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Happy 100th birthday Vegemite: How the iconic Australian snack spread evolved into a cultural phenomenon

Like it or loathe it, Vegemite is an iconic Australian spread. But it wasn’t so loved when first invented a hundred years ago. Amy McPherson visits the museum that tells its story, and checks out the recipes from a new Vegemite cookbook.

Now, anyone can try cooking with Vegemite. To celebrate a century of this iconic Australian spread, an official cookbook, The Vegemite Cookbook: Favourite Recipes that Taste Like Australia, has been released, with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“Vegemite has been a beloved breakfast spread for over 100 years; fans will agree that it has a versatile flavor that can be added to almost anything,” said Mary Stafford of Bega Group, the manufacturer of Vegemite. “The cookbook showcases great ways to incorporate Vegemite into meals and shares how people have come to love and use the iconic flavor that tastes like Australia.”

Flipping through the cookbook is like flipping through the culinary story of Australia and of my own childhood. As an immigrant nation, so much of our cuisine is influenced by Indigenous and foreign flavors—so the idea of adding a spoon of Vegemite to a tofu stir-fry, as my own aunt did, or to pizza sauce, makes perfect sense now. It’s now time for me to embrace Vegemite in desserts—and I already have my eye on a recipe for Vegemite cheesecake.

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