Hailey Bieber Just Doubled Down on the Summer's Most Controversial Shoe Trend

Just days after her husband caught flack for wearing sweats to her fancy(ish) event, Hailey Bieber is demonstrating once again that she can do Frat Casual as well as anyone.

Grabbing what looks like FroYo with friends, the Rhode skincare founder threw on a crop top, black athletic shorts, and an oversized hoodie, all of which may very well have been borrowed from Justin Bieber’s closet (well, maybe not the crop top. Maybe). And just like every suburban dad watering the front lawn, she paired tube socks with slip-on sandals. However, unlike most middle-aged men, her slides were of the sheer orange Jelly-adjacent variety. Kinda can’t believe she didn’t take the opportunity to plug her stuff, since she’s all about strawberry girl aesthetics, but I digress.

Before you judge Hailey Bieber for embracing this controversial shoe trend again, consider that the biggest downside to these elevated shower shoes—besides the “thwomp thwomp” sound they make—is the potential for rubbing, sweat, and blisters. Hailey Bieber has places to go and people to see! If she wants to protect her hooves with a cloth barrier while making a dessert run, let her be.


Though she can glam it up when she needs to, Mrs. Bieber does love an athletic moment, like the time she pushed the limits of the “wrong shoe theory” by pairing a soccer jersey and workout shorts with high mule heels. She’s also been known to step out in a sheer dress and sneakers—and not like, cute Keds or collectible kicks. Like, full-on jogging shoes with her ever-present tube socks.

Maybe after a year of Barbiecore and a decade of athleisure, fashion is headed in a dressed-down direction. Or maybe Hailey Bieber just doesn’t see a reason to put on a red-carpet look every time she leaves the house, which is fair! When she starts wearing hoodies with trucker hats and yellow Crocs, then we’ll know something’s really up.

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