Flat Sandals and Baggy Jeans Are the Unexpected Duo I'll Be Wearing All Spring — Here's How to Style the Look

When I think about flat sandals like flip flops and Birkenstocks, my mind always goes to…let’s say relaxed looks. For years I associated them with trips to the beach, jam-band concerts, and other casual moments.

But one day, I decided to change my mind and start wearing my favorite summer shoes with different, more unexpected pieces in my closet. Which is how I discovered that combining flat sandals with baggy jeans creates a striking result. It’s one of the simplest ways to make a fashion statement, and one that can be worn from spring into summer.

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Flat sandals and baggy jeans are two pieces that, on paper, don’t seem like they should mix. You may be thinking that the relaxed style of baggy jeans makes them the least likely pant to lend elegance to an outfit—let alone one with casual flats—and I used to agree. But surprisingly, the opposite is true. The informal combo actually transforms the look into something sophisticated. How? Because the wide fit of the pant pairs so well with formal pieces like blazers, vests, and sheer blouses. A comfortable sandal simply keeps it all in balance.

I’ve spent hours searching for the right pieces for this combination, and it was worth the time and energy discovering the formula that achieves maximum chicness. The secret? It’s all in the blouses and accessories. Here’s how to wear flat sandals and baggy jeans this spring and summer.

Birkenstocks + baggy jeans + a classic button-down

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