Fifty Fifty Matches BTS As Their Smash Single Soars On Billboard’s Radio Chart

On this week’s edition of the Pop Airplay chart, Billboard’s ranking of the tunes that reach the largest audience at pop radio in the U.S., Taylor Swift reigns once again. The superstar’s new hit“Cruel Summer” claims the No. 1 spot, surging to the summit shortly after her last track, “Karma,” did the same. Following closely behind, another rising track is gaining ground as well, helping the band behind it make history once more.

Fifty Fifty’s single “Cupid” is once again soaring on the Pop Airplay chart, reaching a new peak at No. 7. The song has been steadily climbing the ranks over the past few months, strengthening its presence on the competitive list. By hitting this specific position, “Cupid” now matches the success of one of the most triumphant tracks ever produced by a South Korean musical group.

“Cupid” is now tied as the second-highest-charting song by a South Korean musical act in the history of the Pop Airplay chart after landing in the No. 7 spot. This ranking places it on par with BTS’s hit “Butter,” which also reached No. 7 in 2021.

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In the upcoming weeks, “Cupid” has the potential to continue its ascent, and if it manages to climb just one more spot, it will claim the title of the second-highest-charting track by South Korean artists in the history of the Pop Airplay chart all by itself. This would cause “Butter” to slide to third place, reshaping the all-time ranking list.

Currently, the record for the highest-charting song by a South Korean musical act on the Pop Airplay chart is also held by BTS. For several years now, they have occupied the top two positions on this historic list, though now they’re sharing the spotlight with Fifty Fifty. BTS’s megahit “Dynamite” exploded onto the chart, reaching an impressive No. 5.

“Cupid” is one of only four top 10 hits on the Pop Airplay chart by South Korean musicians. Alongside BTS’s “Dynamite” and “Butter,” there’s also Psy’s iconic “Gangnam Style.” That unexpected sensation emerged over a decade ago, predating the widespread popularity of K-pop in the United States, and managed to reach No. 10 on the chart.

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