Fall Haircut: The ’90s Bouncy Bob Will Give You New-Season Energy

The summer heat is finally starting to dissipate, and that means it’s about time for a fall haircut.

As well as pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween costume planning, with a new season comes the opportunity to get your “back-to-school” fall haircut (even if you’re not a student anymore). You know, that fresh new look that switches gears for the season ahead and makes you feel a bit more productive.

We’ve already told you about all the autumn haircuts and colors that will be major for this season (lash-skimming bangs, soft layers, and slinky bobs are all on the menu), but if you feel overwhelmed by the choices and want to plump for the one back-to-school haircut for autumn, we’ve got you.

Issey Cook, a hairstylist at Larry King Salon in London, has declared the “’90s bouncy bob” as the cut you should opt for if you’re seeking that back-to-school energy.

“One haircut we will be seeing a lot of is a kind of ’90s bouncy bob,” she says, “something that’s fun, cool, and has movement but is super easy to style.”

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Cook says the cut works for everyone—from those with fine and thick hair to those with curly hair too.

“It looks expensive and chic, and with a few styling hacks, you can take it from cool-girl vibes to a mature blown-out look,” she notes.

Cooke adds: “The length can vary and that’s something you and your stylist should discuss depending on whether you want to be able to tie it up or let it be. You can also make it your own by adding more layers or keep it blunt but shaggy for finer hair. You can use some hair mist to scrunch in and add texture, or use a round brush to create volume, body, and shine. A dry hairspray or dry shampoo is great for this cut, as well as some Social Life for Your Hair Cream to define the ends and smooth over flyaways.”

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