Emily Ratajkowski Shakes Up the Clean-Girl Manicure With Stiletto Nails

If you’re finally getting a bit tired of the subtle, clean-girl manicure that’s been trending this year, there are other ways to tap into the same fresh and neutral colour palette but still make a statement. See Emily Ratajkowski, whose recent Instagram story showed the model wearing a dramatic twist on the trend.


While clean-girl manicures are traditionally worn on short, rounded nails, Ratajkowski went full throttle with her talons. Filed into a stiletto shape—with the nails forming a pointed tip—they were the perfect juxtaposition to the soft, girlish bubblegum pink polish on her nails.

Playing with shape is a surprisingly easy way to transform your signature polish color. As EmRata proves, it can take your look from soft to sultry in seconds. Stiletto shapes, in particular, are excellent at elongating fingers; however, be warned: They’re not as low-maintenance as some other shapes and require a certain level of patience during everyday tasks (like typing).

But boy do they look good…

This post was originally published in British Vogue.

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