Demi Moore Took a Magical, Life-Changing River Camping Trip

The first slide in the series is especially magical, as Moore stands beneath a waterfall in a black bikini, a subtle rainbow shimmering at her knees. If this image was an ad, I’d buy whatever Moore is selling.

Frankly, the thing that caught my eye was the girl taking the group selfie in the second slide. Yup, it’s Emily Osment. And no, they didn’t know each other before going on this trip together! Osment posted her own recollections to Instagram, writing, “In Sept 2023, I had the privilege of joining 23 complete strangers to travel 282 miles of the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. We were an impressive group of environmentalists, humanitarians, artists, and indigenous leaders from land based cultures and then me! (your local friendly neighborhood class clown)…Huge specific thank you to my very supportive fiancé who said ‘8 days no contact backpacking down a river with two dozen strangers? you should absolutely do that, yes.’”

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I totally understand that Hollywood is not the Point of the trip, but if I signed up for a week-long outdoor adventure and just ran into Demi Moore I would probably mention it in my post???? Anyway, here’s another pic Osment posted from the adventure:

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