Coinbase CEO Acknowledges App Issues Amidst Base Network’s Onchain Summer

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has made a candid admission about the state of their platform, acknowledging the “broken” state of the Coinbase app’s user experience (UX) in the face of the rise of on-chain activities on their new layer-2 network, Base.

This revelation came via aTwitter poston August 13, amidst the ongoing “Onchain Summer” festival that features product launches, brand showcases, and NFT reveals on the Base network. The festival, which commenced on August 9 and will continue until August 31, has acted as a spotlight, showing several pain points in Coinbase’s existing infrastructure.

Armstrong’s tweet hinted at the company’s recognition of the issues and commitment to addressing them. He stated, “One thing #OnchainSummer is exposing is just how broken our UX is in the main Coinbase app for NFTs, Dapps, and L2s today. Sorry to say, but true.”

This moment of truth has ignited a motivation within the organization to enhance the user experience, with Armstrong emphasizing the necessity of elevating these facets to “first-class experiences.”

The CEO also acknowledged that while CoinbaseWallet is ahead in addressing these issues, significant work remains to be done. The upside is that every Coinbase employee actively engages with these processes, lending a “dogfooding” approach to internal testing. Armstrong encouraged users to provide feedback on their UX concerns, promising rapid updates over the next two weeks to tackle the most pressing pain points.

Coinbase: Community Feedback Spotlights Challenges

Feedback from the community highlights areas that require immediate attention. One user highlighted the difficulty in connecting the mobile app to approve transactions, while others criticized the industry’s focus on layer-2 solutions over existing scalable alternatives. Additionally, there were calls for enhanced functionality, like the direct transfer of Base ETH from Coinbase Exchange to its Wallet.

Armstrong openlyacknowledgedthese challenges, echoing users’ experiences and struggles. He admitted the unreliability of connecting mobile wallets to the Chrome extension and expressed surprise at the persistence of this bug.

Nevertheless, the spotlight on Base has catalyzed a push for innovation and improvement across the platform’s user experience, driven by the CEO’s commitment and the involvement of the entire Coinbase team.

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