Coco Gauff Was the Most Perfect Water Fairy For Halloween

Coco Gauff had one of our absolute favorite costumes of Halloween 2023, a throwback that’s equal parts glamour and nostalgia: Aisha from Winx Club.

The popular mid-2000s cartoon followed teenage fairies as they went to magic high school and also fought the forces of evil while wearing some really excellent ensembles, and Gauff’s chosen character, Aisha is, according to the fan wiki, “a self-confident and talented athlete who excels at dancing and swimming.” So, perfect for the tennis phenom, who expertly re-created the character’s signature green ensemble.

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In the comments of Gauff’s Instagram post, her mom Candi jokingly asked who took the pictures, implying that she, Candi, was the photographer.

With the iridescent wings and the perfect beach background—we assume this was taken in Gauff’s home state of Florida—this photo shoot is a thousand times better than Netflix’s flop live-action adaptation of the series, Fate: The Winx Saga, which pretty much no one liked. Commenters agree, with many praising Gauff’s faithful recreation of the character’s look.

Aisha was actually her third (and in our opinion, best) Halloweekend look; she also stepped out as Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Kreuger and a spooky clown.

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