Challengers: Zendaya Plays Tennis, and Love Games, in Her New Movie

Zendaya as a tennis star in a love triangle spanning decades? Sign us the eff up. Challengers, the latest from Italian director Luca Guadagnino (Call Me By Your Name), offers up romance and intrigue, and allows our girl Z to do what she does best: shine bright at the dead center of the action (and attention). Here’s everything we know about the new movie.

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Who’s in it?

Zendaya plays Tashi, Mike Faist (West Side Story) plays Art, and Josh O’Connor (The Crown) plays Patrick, who all meet as teens on the tennis circuit. Per IMDb, other cast members include Jake Jensen and A. J. Lister.

Warner Bros/YouTube

What’s it about?

Per Vice’s i-D column, “Challengers follows Tashi, a player-turned-coach who, until recently, had shaped her husband, Art, into a perfect player too. But when Art winds up on a losing streak, he’s entered into a low-league challenger tournament to prove himself again. On the way, he is forced to play against Patrick, Tashi’s old boyfriend and their teenage best friend, catalysing a complex love triangle.” Complex and queer. We’re not certain how steamy it gets, but it’s rated R…so….

At least part of the movie was filmed in Boston, which must have been a nice break for Zendaya after mucking about in the sand for Dune.

Trailer’s here!

Set to Rihanna’s “S&M,” it gives us two minutes of competition and crackling chemistry. Look at her French tips! The 2010s vibes are strong.

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