Builder’s risk claims reduced by 75%

The steep costs associated with water damage on jobsites present a significant – and growing – threat to productivity and profitability in the construction industry. Property damage, project delays and the rapidly increasing builder’s risk insurance costs can create massive headaches for general contractors.

Water damage incidents make up over 30% of construction-related insurance claims every year and add up to approximately $16 billion in payouts annually. In response, insurance carriers are not on the fence anymore and begin to act. It’s now widely noticeable that deductibles for water-related claims are skyrocketing, rising sharply from tens of thousands of dollars a few years ago to one million dollars or more in some cases. On top of that, approximately 25% of the water entering a building throughout its lifecycle is ultimately being wasted through leaks, poor equipment, or old and inefficient technology.

For years, the industry has accepted water damage as part of the overhead cost of a construction project. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Taking proactive steps to ensure your jobsite is water-proof and efficient can reduce stress throughout the project, mitigate risks and help contractors save noteworthy amount of money while having peace of mind that their construction project will get to the finish line on-time and on-budget.

A new generation of technology applications provides proven water management solutions for the construction industry. By effectively detecting water damage in real-time as they occur and minimizing the costs associated with fixing it, these solutions allow contractors, developers, insurers, and other stakeholders to also mitigate the impact on insurance policies.

A recent study comparing construction sites that used such advanced technology with those that did not implement these systems on-site, found that protected sites incurred significantly less water damage. Of the sites surveyed, 41% used this technology, but accounted for only 11% of insurance claims – that means in simple words – 75% less claims. Moreover, protected sites resulted in only 4% of insurance payouts, meaning 90% less losses in terms of the financial impact of water damage compared to sites that did not utilize the same technology.

These solutions, such as WINT Water Intelligence, function throughout a project and continue along the building’s operational phase. Using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and IoT technologies, WINT identifies leaks in real time and stops them at the source, long before damage occurs. By detecting leaks, alerting your teams of anomalies, and automatically shutting off water supplies in case of a water incident – you can mitigate and prevent damage, without having to deal with insurance implications. The leading cloud-based solution can communicate over Ethernet, Wi-Fi or cellular networks and supported with backup power, so it can be deployed even before Internet and electrical infrastructure has been installed. Therefore, it will continue to operate and protect your site in case of outages or service interruptions.

WINT Water Intelligence delivers proven results to more than 400 organizations around the world, including Microsoft, HP, PepsiCo, Suffolk and Mace Construction giants. WINT’s track-record of success positions its innovations at the forefront of the construction industry and insurance companies are taking notes. Numerous insurance carriers provide financial benefits to WINT-protected facilities through lower deductibles and premiums, while a few simply require WINT to be installed as a prerequisite for coverage.

In 2023, WINT introduced the first of its kind Water Damage Warranty program, backed by the world’s leading insurance group – HSB / Munich Re, that covers up to a quarter of a million dollars for water damage on construction sites in an unlikely event that WINT systems fails to prevent those water incidents – protecting general contractors and developers from the steeply rising costs of water related deductibles. In some cases, even eliminates completely the out-of-pocket spend on deductibles.

Click here to learn more about WINT’s commitment to helping businesses prevent water damage and mitigate risk of water related insurance claims.

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