BTS’s V Ties Jung Kook With Another Hot 100 Hit Single

BTS member V is basking in the glory of his most successful week as a solo artist on the Billboard charts. His debut EP, “Layover,” has made a remarkable entrance, securing the No. 2 position on the Billboard 200 chart. Simultaneously, the EP’s latest single has swiftly become another triumph for the multitalented superstar.

V’s latest single, “Slow Dancing,” debuts on this week’s Hot 100 chart, entering the competitive ranking at No. 51, according to Billboard. The Hot 100 chart ranks the most-consumed songs in the United States and will refresh its rankings tomorrow, on Tuesday, September 19, when “Slow Dancing” will officially launch as a new entry.

“Slow Dancing” marks V’s third appearance on the Hot 100 chart as a solo artist, outside of his work with BTS. He initially made his Hot 100 debut in early 2022 with the holiday tune “Christmas Tree,” which peaked at No. 79. Subsequently, when he began promoting “Layover,” the EP’s lead single, “Love Me Again,” also graced the Hot 100 chart, debuting at No. 96.

With “Slow Dancing” becoming his third Hot 100 hit, V now finds himself tied with his BTS bandmate Jung Kook for the fifth-most placements on the chart among South Korean solo musicians. Jung Kook also achieved his third hit on the Hot 100 earlier this year with the No. 1-peaking “Seven.”

Leading the pack of South Korean soloists with the most charting titles on the Hot 100 is Psy, the K-pop star renowned for his global hit “Gangnam Style.” Psy has been a consistent presence on the chart for a decade, accumulating a total of five placements.

Notably, three fellow BTS members—J-Hope, Jimin, and Suga (also known as Agust D)—are currently tied for the second-most Hot 100 hits among South Korean solo artists. These talented artists have each landed four hits on the chart, further highlighting their individual prowess in the music industry.

Before the arrival of “Slow Dancing,” V was on par with South Korean solo superstar Lisa, recognized for her work with Blackpink, and fellow K-pop powerhouse CL, with both artists boasting two Hot 100 successes. V’s continued success as a solo artist not only showcases his talent but also underscores BTS’s ability to shine both as a group and as individual artists on the global stage.

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