Blake Lively Elevated Her Flirty Corset Dress With a Power-Clashing Purse

Hollywood’s real life Barbie and Ken—Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds—went for a walk in still sweltering New York on Wednesday, September 6, giving Lively a chance to double down on florals.

Her sundress, white with a dainty flower pattern, features a bunch of details that elevate it from basic to Cottagecore Plus: eyelet buttons down the front, a two-tier skirt beneath a corset-style bodice, pockets with a pink gingham trim—and notice how the pattern is actually different around her knees, with the lace detail? Not that we would expect one of our foremost fashionistas—who doesn’t employ a stylist!—to step out in any old thing.

But it’s the purse that sets this fit apart: a Chanel cross-body with flower-power stitching in gem tones. In the words of alternate-reality Jack Donaghy, “It’s called power-clashing, and I do it because I can.”


Multicolor Nikes complete the outfit because if there’s one thing Blake Lively’s gonna do, it’s embrace a “more is more” maxim.

Reynolds, meanwhile, kept things simple in his usual dad uniform of sneakers, skinny pants, a button-down over a tank and a cap advertising his soccer team. The accessories, though, are worth noting: a stack of beaded bracelets that look possibly homemade. Dude…are you still wearing your Eras bracelets? Or are your daughters just going bead-crazy and providing you with more wrist accoutrement?

The same day Reynolds also uploaded this sweet picture of him and Blake hanging out with their dog, Baxter, and you can see Reynolds is wearing a beaded necklace.


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