Beyoncé Went ‘Chantilly Blonde’ for Fall—Here’s How to Get the Look

“Chantilly blonde is still blonde and bright, but with contrast and warmer tones for the fall,” Hazan says of why she sees it blowing up as the next It hair color. “When we are not in the sun so much, our skin gets paler, so adding warmer golden tones to your hair compensates to give you the golden glow we lose.” A hair color that gives you a Beyoncé-worthy glow? Yes, please!

To get the look yourself, Hazan says there is one basic rule of thumb: “Go one to two shades darker than your current shade.” Then, at the salon, be sure to ask your hair colorist for contrast and dimension with highlights; that’s essential.

“You can add lowlights to create the contrast one to two shades darker,” Hazan says, suggesting you keep the color tones buttery and golden, since that’s the secret to Chantilly.

Beyoncé shows off her new shade of chantilly blonde.

John Shearer/Getty Images

In terms of upkeep, you’ll want to refresh Chantilly blonde every three to four months, and be sure to use color-care shampoo and conditioner.

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