Best October Prime Day Deals still available for 2023 — a mega-roundup

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Prime Big Deal Days 2023 may be over but there are still great deals to take advantage of, with low prices on dash cams, TVs, patio furniture, vacuums, tools, and more. Here are the best Prime Day deals still available. 

This Hisense TV will provide you with 65 inches of 4K ULED greatness. It comes with Dolby Vision IQ and Dolby Atmos technology built-in and naturally, for the gamers out there, features a low-latency game mode and a 60Hz refresh rate.

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With this Amazon Fire TV you can stream live television without cable. It’s a direct LED with 1080p resolution and 60Hz refresh rate with support for HDR 10, HLG, and Dolby Digital Audio. The Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote is included and supports voice control for functions like power, volume, and more. The 2-series Amazon Fire TV does not support 4K resolution. For that you’ll want to look at Fire TV 4-Series or Fire TV Omni QLED Series.

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This 43-inch Amazon Fire TV has great resolution from a 4K UHD display (3840 x 2160). A refresh rate of 60 Hz. 1 Ethernet port, 1 USB port, 3 HDMI 2.0 ports and 1 HDMI 2.1 with eARC. At 32% off for Prime Day it’s a great time to consider upgrading from your 1080p Full HD TV. 

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This 32-inch LED smart TV from Insignia supports a wide range of streaming services like Netflix, Apple TV+, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, Sling TV, YouTube, HBO Max, Spotify, Peacock, and ESPN+. It also supports HDMI ARC, which allows you to send audio directly from the HDMI jack to a compatible sound bar or AV receiver, of your choice for an improved audio experience. It’s also Alexa voice control compatible via the Alexa remote control. 

3c67cd20 fb29 11ed bbe7 c73aab88e78eWith the voice-compatible remote, you can speak commands to Alexa to control your Fire TV. This option is a 4K 2160p resolution and DTS Studio Sound.

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It’s 65 inches so it might be more TV than you need, but the 43-inch model is only $200 less, so if you have the budget and the space this is the one to go with for gaming, sports, and streaming your favorite shows and movies. And if you don’t have the space you can grab the 43-inch QLED here for $379.99.

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Lounging outside in the heat is great, but lounging outside with the sun’s harmful UV rays beating down onto your skin can be terrible. A good old fashioned umbrella is a great solution to this problem and this one is as good as any. It’s got a 9-foot diameter and is made of 100% polyester, which means it’s waterproof, easy to clean and of course it’s UV resistant. It utilizes a crank opening system and also features a push button for tilting. Need a base for it too? Check this one out. 

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This is a great choice for a hammock that isn’t going to move around very much. If you’re looking for something a little more mobile, we have that just below, but while you’re sacrificing some mobility with this option, you’re gaining stability and comfort. The Vivere hammock is made of cotton, designed for two, is easily adjustable and even comes with its own premium carry bag.

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If you’d rather hang from trees than a metal stand, then this is the hammock you should go for. You’ll even save some serious cash over the stationary version. This camping hammock is made of nylon, which means it’s super lightweight, coming in at only 24 oz. It’s 9 feet long by 4.5 feet wide and using its two 9-foot long tree straps and carabiners can hold up to 400 lbs.

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A classic 4-piece furniture set that would look at home on any patio, this deal comes with 2 single chairs, 1 double sofa, 3 cushions and a tempered glass top coffee table. The pieces are made of sturdy but light wicker with a metal frame and the cushions “use a high-density rebound sponge” for extra comfort. 

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Gaming PCs are more popular than ever, but they’re a pain to research and build. That’s where pre-built gaming PCs and laptops come into play. They offer all of the benefits with none of the fuss. This one is a great option for PC gamers thanks to its powerful RTX 3070 Ti graphics card, Intel Core i9 CPU, 16GB Ram and 1TB SSD hard drive. This beast will have your games looking buttery smooth and loading lightning fast. With the release of the latest Forza Motorsport imminent, we’ve got gaming on the brain, and this laptop is as good a way as any to experience the thrill of racing in your own home. At a discount of over $500, this is a tough one to pass up.

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Smart bulbs are a great way to dip your toe into the world of “smart homes.”  These are easy to set up. Just install the Hue Smart Lights into your compatible lamps, download the Hue App, and follow the prompts. From there you can enjoy 16 million color options, 50,000 shades of warm white light and cool daylight, instant wireless dimming, and more. And with the Hue Bridge (sold separately) you can control up to 50 smart lights, program automation, and more.

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Under $100 for Apple AirPods is a pretty nice Prime Day deal. Enjoy over 24 hours of total listening time with the included Lightning Charge Case and cable. Apple’s 3rd Gen AirPods and AirPod Max Over-Ear headphones are also on sale for Prime Day but those both cost well over $100.

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Up to 8 hours of wireless listening time (up to 24 hours combined with the charge case) with active noice cancelling and transparency modes. And unlike AirPods, you can choose between 6 color options, black, red, white, moon gray, ocean blue, and sunset pink.

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Lightweight 1080p HD projector. Supports iOS/Android/Windows.

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This generator is one of the best all-arounders out there. You can use it by itself or link it with another to double the power output, built-in gauge lets you know exactly how much time you have left and lets users accurately track voltage, and it also features an “EZ Start Dial” preventing the need for a pull cord. There’s even a quiet operation mode that makes it great for camping or tailgating. Last but not least, you’ll get a 3-year limited warranty with your purchase and free lifetime technical support.

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Whether you’re looking for a portable power solution for camping and roadtrips or backup power for your home during blackouts the Anker PowerHouse 757 has you covered. It was designed to power your devices everyday for 10 years and comes with a 5-year full device warranty for added peace of mind. It takes just 1 hour to charge this Anker to 80% capacity. With a solar recharge you can get it to 80% in just 3.6 hours. With its 1,229Wh capacity and 1,500 wattage, all your essential devices and appliances (phone, computer, tablet, fridge, electric grill, coffee maker, etc) during a trip will have power.

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This portable electric generator is a lot like the option above, but it provides a few less starting and running watts. It runs on gas or propane with up to 34 hours of runtime and like the one above, it only weighs 39 lbs. Also like the other Champions in this list, this one can also be linked to another generator to double the power output and it comes with a 3-year limited warranty.

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This power station is a great value for homeowners if you’re not looking for full-fledged gas generators. It charges quickly, offers tons of ports and weighs less than 10 lbs. It can power home electronics, mobile devices, lighting, speakers and more.

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We can’t get enough of portable power. This 12,000-watt DuroMax generator for a house is larger than some others on our list, so you may not want to take it camping, but it’s a great backup power option to keep at home or at a worksite. It can run on either gas or propane, it has an electric start, and it’s rated for 9,500 running watts so it can handle heavier loads and power things like a refrigerator, home air conditioning unit, and high-amperage power tools.

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For those who don’t like the noise and exhaust of a normal generator, portable power stations may be for you. This one from Jackery can be charged from 0% to 80% in just 3.5 hours when plugged into a wall outlet (3.6 hours when plugged into a car) and has enough of a charge to power your phone 31x, a camera 15x and a drone 6x, making it perfect for camping and longer road trips. If you’re going to be outside for a while you can also pair it with a solar panel for charging off the road and off the grid. It may not power your entire house, but it’s extremely handy in a pinch. If the Explorer 300 isn’t exactly what suits your needs the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 240 and Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 1000 are also great picks and also available at a discount right now.

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This 5,500-watt DuroMax generator is an RV and home power backup generator that runs on either gas or propane. It has an electric start so you won’t have to break your back pulling a ripcord to start it, a fully loaded power panel with USB outlets, two 120-Volt GFCI household outlets, one 120-Volt/240-Volt 30 Amp twist-lock outlet and “an RV-ready MX2 Switch for double the 120V power,” and it has CO alert tech that can automatically shut the whole thing down if an unsafe level of Carbon Monoxide is detected in the air. Maybe the best part about this deal is that it comes with a 5 year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

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Great discounts on Ring cams, video doorbells, spotlight cameras, indoor cameras, Ring Alarm bundles and more!

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This is one of our favorite electric lawn tool deals. Any homeowner with trees on the property would probably do well to keep a chainsaw around the house. This one is a great gas-less Ego chainsaw that features an 18-inch bar and chain. It’s weather-resistant, features a twist-dial for chain tensioning, reaches 11,000 RPM and even has some built-in LED lights for keeping things well-lit during a late-night cutting session. The saw comes with both a battery and a plastic chain guard and even provides buyers with a 5-year warranty on the tool and a 3-year warranty on the battery and charger.

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A lawn just can’t look its best until it’s edged. This electric edger can help with that problem by putting its 12 amp motor and 7.5-inch double-edged blade to use. Keep in mind, while this tool is all-electric, it’s not cordless so you’ll need to be plugged in to run it, but you’ll still be able to enjoy all the benefits of a non-gas-powered tool like less maintenance, quieter operation, and general ease of use.

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The Heybike Mars Electric Bike is an electric dirt bike that comes with 20-inch fat tires that are 4 inches wide. These thick tires are made to handle more rugged surfaces and are puncture-resistant. Rear tail lights flash upon braking for extra safety. The battery is portable and can be removed and charged in any electrical outlet. It has 3 driving modes which include pedal-assist, pure electric and manual. The cargo rack on the back allows you to store bags and gear you need to carry along.

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FREESKY makes high-end and expensive electric bikes, but they are worth the hefty prices. This electric bike can reach up to 50 miles of pure electric range and can reach up to 80 miles in pedal-assist mode. This massive motor supplies 750w and has a peak output of 1,300w. This bike has a top speed of 32 mph which is creeping into electric scooter territory. It has a lower center of gravity compared to some other electric bikes, increasing overall stability and ride safety.

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Electric scooters and hoverboards are a great last mile transport option for commuters. They’re also great for good ol’ fashioned fun. Segway is a top-rated maker of e-riders, and its Ninebot S model is currently on sale. The self-balancing personal transport has a top speed of 10 mph and 13.7 miles of range. And though some assembly is required if you buy from Amazon, the Segway Ninebot is still a top pick among users. Oh, and the Ninebot S is also compatible with Segway’s Go-Kart Kit!

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This e-bike by TotGuard is a great pick for many reasons, not the least of which is the price! The bike has 3 riding modes: e-bike, assisted bike and normal bike and the battery is even totally removable if you want to go old school and get some exercise while it charges. The battery only takes 5 hours to completely charge and provides riders with 25-30 miles in full electric mode or 50-60 miles in assisted mode. The bike is made of an aluminum alloy and features 21-speed gears to give riders a ton of options. Last but not least, the company promises to provide “lifelong free exchange and return services of the electric bicycle.”

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This Hiboy S2 scooter could be the last scooter you’ll ever need. It has a 500W electric brushless hub motor, can hit speeds of up to 19 mph and has a max travel range of up to 25.6 miles. The max load is 220 lbs, so this is a good option for older kids and adults alike. It’s also rocking 10-inch solid tires with rear dual shock absorbers to make travel over rough terrain and speed bumps a whole lot more comfortable as well as “ultra-bright headlights with a range up to 15 meters.” Don’t worry about braking, the Hiboy comes equipped with a double braking system with disc braking and eABS regenerative anti-lock tech. Like many scooters, it also comes with an app that allows you to fine tune your ride and last but not least it’s even collapsible for easier storage.

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Don’t let the name fool you, the Swagtron Swagcycle is a serious e-bike. It weighs only 37 pounds and it’s foldable so its easy to transport. The Autoguard braking system makes the motor stop as you’re braking to increase stopping power and safety. When it has 1 mile of range left it will enter an energy-conserving mode to make sure you reach your destination. 

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The Jasion EB5 Electric Bike is an Amazon Top Pick for being highly rated, fairly priced and ready-to-ship. It features a 350w brushless motor that’ll propel you to a top speed of 20 mph if you ask it to. Naturally, it comes with 4 riding modes, so if you don’t want the assistance, you can just pedal as normal. The battery is removable and will get you up to 40 miles of range or 5-6 hours per charge. The bike itself weighs just 49.6 lbs and sits on 26-inch puncture-resistant tires.

Dash Cams

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This iZeeker dash cam is one of the best bang-for-your-buck deals you can find in car video. For only $19.90, you get a dash cam that records in 1080P full HD with a 170° wide angle lens. Like most other cams, this one saves videos onto a MicroSD card and features loop recording, automatic start and stop and it also employs a G-sensor for crash detection. There’s even a parking monitoring feature. iZeeker will provide a two-year warranty with your purchase. Check out an image from the cam right here.

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The Chortau dual dash cam is equipped with a 1080p HD front camera and a waterproof back camera for video recording. The front cam captures video with a 170° wide-angle lens while the rear cam features a 130° lens. Like the other cams in the list, this one features loop-recording and G-sensor technology. The biggest ding against this cam that we can see is that it unfortunately can only handle a 32GB SD card, but thanks to the loop recording, that makes the storage capacity of the SD card matter less than ever. After 24,000 Amazon reviews it’s sitting at a cumulative score of 4.1 out of 5 stars. This reviewer was looking for a “simple” cam that would “just work,” and they seem to have found exactly that in the Chortau. Click here to see their footage taken with the cam. Want to snag this Chortau cam? Learn more right here.

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The REDTIGER dual dash cam has basically all of the features you could want out of a cam system like this at a great price. It can capture 4K video recordings from its front cam and 1080p video from the rear cam, both in daylight conditions and at night. The system has built-in WiFi which is always a helpful feature since it allows you to easily connect the cam to your phone to be able to save or edit videos right on your mobile device. Like many others, this camera system has 24-hour parking monitoring, collision-detection, and loop recording, all great features to look for. One reviewer shared a video of the cam’s “clear and sharp” picture right here. Last but not least, the brand offers a lifetime warranty and 24-hour technical support. Learn more about the REDTIGER right here. 

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The DDK dash cam provides a 1080P HD picture from the front and a 720P picture from the rear. Like many other cameras, it has a built-in G-sensor for automatically recording and saving a video when it feels an impact to your vehicle. It features loop recording, automatic light adjustment, parking monitoring, WDR functionality, motion detection and more. It even comes with a crowbar and cable clips for installation and includes a lifetime warranty with your purchase.

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The Rove 4K dash cam records videos in, you guessed it, 4K resolution. It has features like Super Night Vision technology, built-in WiFi functionality allowing you to instantly manage your recordings on your smart phone, built-in GPS to record your location and speed, parking mode, motion detection, a 150° wide-angle lens, G-sensor tech, loop cycle recording, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, slow-mo video, and it can handle up to a 512GB micro SD card for storage. One reviewer shared some of his own footage shot with the camera right here. After 24,000 Amazon ratings, it’s sitting at an impressive score of 4.4 out of 5 stars. Want your dash cam recordings to be in crisp 4K? Click here to learn more about the Rove R2.

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The Kingslim dual dash cam can simultaneously record videos in 4K from the front cam and 1080p from the rear cam. It features “the industry-leading Sony IMX335 STARVIS sensor and Hisilicon Hi3559 processor. With super night vision, f/1.8 aperture, and WDR technology, you can record stunning details, even in low-light environments. With front 170° and rear 150° super-wide viewing angles and 6-layer glass fixed-focus lens, it gives you maximum coverage of the road and greatly enhances night vision, providing sharp and clear images and videos.” Thanks to a 3-inch touchscreen, you only need one finger to operate the device and toggle features like collision detection, loop recording, emergency video lock, and even time-lapse recording. This cam, like many of the others in this list, has built-in Wi-Fi and GPS and last but not least, it can handle up to a 256GB SD card for storage. Learn more about the Kingslim cam right here or check out its picture in this 5-star Amazon user review.

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The Vantrue N4 is a three-channel dash cam that features a 155° front camera, 165° back camera and 160° rear camera. It captures footage in a 1440P resolution for the front cam and 1080P for the inside and back cams. The cam features a “high-performance Sony STARVIS CMOS sensor, a big F1.4 aperture 6-glass lens observing road front, [and an] F1.8 6-glass lens observing [the] rear.” One reviewer showcases the cam’s “top notch” picture in a video right here. Other exciting features include infrared night vision capability, 24 hour motion detection, collision detection parking monitoring and optional GPS (sold separately). The cam currently has nearly 8,300 Amazon ratings with a total score of 4.3 out of 5 stars. Check it out here. 

Car Cleaning Accessories

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Car cleaning gel is one of the weirdest looking car cleaning tools out there, but it’s also one of the easiest ways to grab the dirt and crumbs from the hardest-to-reach spots of your vehicle. Just take a handful of the Flubber-like substance, stick it on anything that looks like it could use a little less dust and dirt, then peel it off and watch the grime come with it. This putty is made for getting into small areas and corners that you might not be able to reach with more traditional tools. In addition to being a dust-grabbing powerhouse, it also has a clean “cologne” scent.

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The popular ThisWorx portable car vacuum is a solid choice for anyone looking to up their car cleanliness game. It features a 110W and 9.17 amp motor, a built-in LED light, a washable double-HEPA filter, a flat bottom, a 16-foot power cable that connects to your car’s 12V lighter port and includes 3 different all-purpose nozzles, a carrying bag for easy storage and a filter cleaning brush.


The Black+Decker handheld vacuum uses a lithium ion battery and can hold a charge for up to 18 months. The dustbowl has a 20.6 oz capacity and is translucent to show the dirt captured inside. It uses cyclonic action to help keep the filter clean and also has a rotating nozzle to be used for a variety of applications. Both the bowl and filters are removable and washable, and the vac comes with a 2-year limited warranty. 


This Armor All vacuum is a traditional wet/dry utility vac with a 2.5 gallon polypropylene tank. It has a 10-foot cord with a cord wrap that plugs into a standard electrical outlet; unfortunately this one doesn’t plug directly into your lighter port. In addition to being a vacuum, it also has a blower function. The vac includes a 6-foot x 1¼-inch hose, a reusable cloth filter, a foam wet filter, a 2-in-1 utility nozzle with brush, a crevice tool, a deluxe car nozzle, a blower nozzle with adapter, and a detail brush.

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This Hotor 2-gallon Car Trash Can features a lid so your trash won’t bounce out on any bumpy backcountry roads as well as storage pockets on the side to keep your pre-devoured snacks and other items organized. The interior is 100% leakproof, and when it isn’t in use the trash can can be easily collapsed and stored, though once you install it, we’re willing to bet it’ll be in use at all times.

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The best selling product in the paints and paint supplies category isn’t a paint, but rather, something to keep your paint looking shiny and new. This Shine Armor spray is a ceramic coating hydrophobic spray made to both protect and polish your paint job by providing “a waterless wash, coat and shine.”

Trunk Organizers

tc pro

The XL TCPro organizer is for those of you who want the best-of-the-best, but it comes at a cost. This organizer comes in a few sizes, but the extra large version is the real show stopper. This organizer is made with durable Oxford Polyester and features reinforced stitching in areas that might otherwise be prone to wear and tear. It’s water and abrasion resistant, has 6 compartments, multiple sub-dividers, and can still be folded down to make it easier for storage. The company is so confident you’ll love it, they even offer a lifetime warranty.

OBD2 Scanners/OBD2 Readers

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This multi-functional OBD2 code reader by MotoPower features a built-in DTC lookup library, the ability to read and erase codes, a freeze frame view, vehicle info, data flow, vehicle speed information, engine coolant temp readings and more. It’s compatible with most 1996 or newer U.S.-based vehicles and 2000 or newer EU-based and Asian vehicles. This scanner supports six languages, has a clear LCD display with backlight and contrast adjustment, and like most, doesn’t need a battery or charger as it draws power from the OBD2 data link connector. The connection cable on the MotoPower scanner is 2.5 feet long. Be aware that this scanner can only read and clear info that’s part of the OBD2 system and doesn’t work with ABS, airbag, or oil service light systems.

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The BlueDriver diagnostic tool is a Bluetooth OBD2 scanner that connects to your phone or tablet. It allows you to view live data of your vehicle in real time via a user-friendly app, with a customizable view that features various displays and colors. You can even export live data straight from the app. Unlike some OBD2 scanning devices, the BlueDriver doesn’t just show you your trouble codes, it also provides a list of possible causes and reported fixes. This scanner is completely cordless and provides users with regular free updates; no subscription costs to worry about. BlueDriver also offers 24/7 tech support for its users.

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The Foxwell OBD2 scanner lets you read error codes, locate bad O2 sensors, access emissions information, turn off your check engine light, and see live data for most worldwide cars equipped with OBD2. Like most scanners, no battery is required as the device draws power from the vehicle. Unlike many scanners, though, this one features a 2.8″ color screen and comes with free lifetime updates. It even ships with a screen protector.

Car Jump Starters

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This AVAPOW unit can jump start cars, SUVs, and even boats with up to 7.0-liter gas or 5.5-liter diesel engines. It also promises to work in fairly extreme temperatures, claiming to be able to jump vehicles in -4°F all the way up to 140°F. It features reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, high-temperature protection, over-load protection and more. If you need to charge a USB device or two, don’t worry, it has built-in USB 3.0 and USB-C outputs. Like some portable car battery jumpers, it also features a built-in emergency flashlight with an SOS mode and this one also comes with a bonus USB charging cable.

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This AVAPOW unit can jump start cars, SUVs, and even boats with up to 8.0-liter gas or 6.5-liter diesel engines. It’s rated at IP65 water-resistance, will operate in nearly any weather and features 8 different safety protection systems. Not only will this unit jump your car, like many others it also acts as a portable power pack featuring a built-in USB port as well as wireless charging capabilities for your phones, tablets and other devices. It also features multiple LED light functions including an SOS mode. Last but not least, this jump starter includes jumper cables, a USB-C charging cable and storage case with your purchase.

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This NEXPOW portable jump starter can jump vehicles with up to a 7.5L gas or 6.5L diesel engine and carries up to 20 jumps on a single charge. It promises to work in extreme temperatures from -4°F to 140°F and includes safety technology like reverse polarity protection, over-current protection, high-temperature protection, over-load protection and more. There are also a few USB outputs built into the gadget, to allow users to charge their mobile devices, tablets, or anything else that uses USB. Naturally, the NEXPOW comes with its own clamps and cables, and it even includes a carrying case.

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Not only does the NOCO Boost Plus GB40 provide up to 20 jump starts on a single charge, it’s extremely lightweight at just 2.4 pounds. The jump starter is rated for gas engines up to six liters and diesel engines up to three liters. Like some others, it has a built-in LED flashlight with SOS mode and can recharge smartphones, tablets, and other USB devices. One thing that sets the NOCO apart is its IP65 water-resistant rating. It also has a rubberized casing to help prevent scratches. Last but not least, it even comes with its own microfiber storage bag.

Portable Air Compressors

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Keep in mind that this pump is NOT intended for use with high-pressure or large-volume applications like large pools, but this portable compressor comes with three nozzles and will work on any Schrader valve on cars, SUVs, motorcycles, and bicycles. The included accessory adapters will allow you to also use this inflator on balls, air mattresses, balloons, and other small inflatables. 

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The VacLife tire inflator plugs into your car’s 12V power outlet with an 11.9-foot power cord to get its juice. It has automatic shutoff capability once it hits your preset PSI level, a built-in LED flashlight, and comes with three additional nozzles for inflatables like sports equipment, bike tires and more. This one is a great budget option but won’t work for large vehicles with tire pressure greater than 50 psi or tire width greater than 245 mm like some trucks and off-road vehicles.

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The EPAuto air compressor is one of the most popular options out there. It plugs into your car’s 12-volt lighter socket, comes with additional valve adapters for things like basketballs, inflatables, etc., features an automatic shutoff and has a built-in LED flashlight, like so many others. Also, like many of the more portable tire inflator options, this one isn’t recommended for trucks or larger vehicles. Be aware that this air compressor actually has the shortest power cord on our list, clocked at only about 9 feet by a helpful answerer in Amazon’s Q&A section, so if you like a little more slack, this might not be the best choice for you. 

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The TEROMAS tire inflator is a great choice because it can plug into your car’s 12-volt cigarette lighter plug or a 110/120-volt wall outlet. It can inflate a P195/65R15 tire from 0 to 35 psi in under 4 minutes. The auto-off function automatically turns off the pump once it reaches your desired preset pressure value. This compressor, like many, has a digital display that conveniently shows your tire’s current pressure and a built-in LED flashlight. It comes with three additional adapters and can be used with cars, motorcycles, bikes, air mattresses, balls and more. Learn more here.

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This Avid Power tire inflator is a multi-purpose cordless pump that can be used with most tires, inflatable sports balls and more. It’s a little more expensive than the others on our list, but it’s also a little more convenient, since it doesn’t need to be plugged in. If its battery pack happens to be out of juice when you need it, it also comes with a 12-volt power adapter that can be used to plug it in. The compressor has an automatic stop function with an indicated pressure accuracy of +/- 1 psi, a built-in LED light and comes with its very own tool bag. Be aware that this compressor, like many others, isn’t suitable for large truck tires.

Radar Detectors

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If you’re looking to spring for an Uniden radar detector but don’t want to spend the hundreds of dollars it costs for an R3 or R7, this Uniden DFR1 may be the best radar detector for budget-minded drivers. It’s a significantly more affordable way to try to avoid laser detection and features long-range sensitivity, front and rear protection, multiple driving modes, false alert filtering and a mute button. It even comes with its own suction cup mount. At this price point, it’s tough to ignore.

Car Seats

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The Graco SnugRide 35 Lite LX Infant Car Seat has a 4-point adjustable base with a level indicator that makes installation accurate and keeps your baby comfortable. The 5-point adjustable harness will make sure your child is secure in the seat. This car seat is compatible with Graco strollers.

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This Safety 1st Onboard Infant Car Seat is compatible with any QuickClick compatible stroller with one click. This seat is lightweight and easy to carry. The infant inserts will give extra support to smaller babies and can be removed as they grow. The 4-position adjustable harness and adjustable car seat base can keep your baby comfortable with the proper fit for them and the car.

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Designed to grow with your child. This car seat from Graco transforms from a rear-facing harness (5 to 40 lbs) to a forward-facing harness (22 to 65 lbs) to a backless booster seat (40 to 100 lbs). Dimensions are 21.5″ D x 19.5″ W x 23.5″ H and the seat weighs 19 lbs.

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The Diono Radian 3-in-1 convertible car seat is foldable and can be carried as a backup. The car seat is built with a three-across slim-fit convertible design that makes it easier to fit three passengers in the back seat. The inside of this car seat is made with a high-quality reinforced steel core. 


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After buying a car, many of us get home and immediately take off the license plate frames that had the dealership name on them. After all, you likely just paid them tens of thousands of dollars and they still want free advertising? No thanks. These silicone frames are a great replacement and won’t scratch your car like the metal ones, are rust-proof and fit all American and Canadian plates. 

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This Rain-X Blade is the clear windshield wiper of choice for Amazon shoppers, and it’s a good pick. It comes in a variety of sizes from 14 inches to 28 inches and applies Rain-X water repellent directly to your windshield during use. The Rain-X universal adapter is made to be easy-to-use, and it “fits 96% of vehicles.” The product also uses advanced beam wiper blade technology which “provides uniform pressure points along the length of the blade, allowing it to hug the curvature of the windshield for a smooth, clean wipe.”

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